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The Legend Begins

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It was another calm night at flowery branch. With the TV showing a rerun of family matters in the back ground TD and Mike Smith play a game of checkers on a folding table.

Smith: Im going to choose not to jump your checker, and move in the opposite direction to give myself better position later in the game.

TD: yea whatever cause...

TD swipes his hand over the board and jumps his checker all the way to the back

TD: king me, fat boy!

Smith slowly lowers his head, and reaches for a piece to king TD

TD: no, hang on, use this...

TD pulls out a Sean Payton action figure to represent his king checker. Smith's face turns purple with anger when suddenly a rumbling echo is heard in the distance.

TD: Please tell me that isn't ...

The wall explodes and in a cloud of dust stands none other than. BEAST MODE!

Beast Mode: Imma gon bust you fools up!

Mike Smith: Oh dear, this looks like a job for...

TD: JJ Whatt? hang on, ill package some draft picks..

Mike Smith: No! .... Akeem Dent!

TD stands baffled as Dent charges from out of no where. he dives head first towards Beast Mode, but completely slides off his body as Beast Mode swats him away.

Mike Smith: for god sakes, ok, ok.. Hang on, let me check my roster... eh, ok TD, how long before we can get Chris Hope in here. I think Dents a little banged up

Akeem Dent: Cant feel my legs yall

"BEAST MODE" a voice shouts from the darkness.

everyone looks around confused, only seeing a skinny white kid and a black guy with a box top

"I Am......Worrilow!!!!"

Joplo: and im his trusty side kick!

like a flash of lightening, worrilow spears Beast Mode, causing him to explode into a thousand skittles.

Mike Smith: Wow kid, what's your name??

Worrilow: I just told you my name..are you serious? I Am...

Mike Smith: yea yea, that's great kid. anyways, TD what's the word on Chris Hope, i think Dents going to miss a week or two..

Akeem Dent: I think Im dying yall...

Worrilow shakes his head, and pats his trusty sidekick Joplo on the box top as the walk off into the sunset.

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