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Richard Sherman On Challenge Of Facing Roddy White: “What Challenge?”

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It’s clear that Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman don’t think too highly of each other. The two have had an ongoing war of words ever since the playoff matchup between the two teams last January.

White thinks Sherman talks too much and Sherman isn’t particularly impressed with White’s ability as a receiver.

White expects to play this week for the first time in over a month after dealing with injuries to his hamstring and ankle. With White set to return for Atlanta, Sherman was asked if he looks forward to the challenge of facing White again.

“What challenge?” Sherman replied.

White caught five passes for 76 yards and a touchdown in their playoff meeting last year. Sherman swatted away several passes from White but his 47-yard touchdown grab by came with Sherman tripping near the goal line. White said that he doesn’t lose sleep over facing Sherman and, in fact, believes he would be the first guy he’d want to face.

Sherman said he’s not angry over White’s comments but he clearly doesn’t expect White to have any success against Seattle this weekend either.

“It’ll be a fun game for us I can guarantee you that,” Sherman said.

White has played in only five games this season for Atlanta. He’s posted just 14 catches for 129 yards and no touchdowns so far this year. Sherman is tied for the league lead with four interceptions.

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I would buy into the smack talk between White and Sherman if Roddy were 100 percent healthy, but he's not. We know that and so does Sherman. So, whatever "challenge" that might have existed between the two of them in this game is tempered by the fact that Roddy will not be at full strength on Sunday.

That, and the fact that even if Roddy were 100%, Sherman only has to cover him for 2-3 seconds. Any longer than that and the play is dead with a sack or a pass thrown out of bounds.

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just seems like he doesn't respect anyone. Plus his voice is annoying lol. Heck of a player though.

never know what type of person he is or how he acts around other players outside of the media. I haven't heard to many people come out and complain about him so far. Only time I see him saying things out the way is when the spotlight is on him
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Eh he's annoying is all

if he was a Falcon that wouldn't even be an issue. His football personality allows him to talk trash and for the most part, he backs it up. He talked trash and got burned by roddy for a td last year thanks to him tripping(totally fake btw). Doesn't matter how good you are or how much to you talk or don't talk, if the receiver gets enough separation, 8 times out of 10 the results will be positive for the receiver
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Here's the deal:

Roddy and Sherman are both like firecrackers that occasionally pop off at the mouth. (twitter, sound bites, post game shoves-just minor stuff).

Add in 10,000 "sports journalists" who know each guy individually pops off sometimes, and its like giving 10k pyromaniac kids a bunch of lighters and they are all trying to figure out a way to get a bigger boom out of both guys at the same time.

Most of the time you get wasted time and burned fingers and fizzles, but every once in a while someone figures out how to set them off at the same time to sell more papers.

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