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2013 Falcons Midway Point

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Anybody else feel like the defense and the offensive line is getting better as the season goes on?

Looks like we're blitzing a whole lot more on defense and it seems to be working, Trufant, Alford and Samuel seem to be playing pretty well for being left out on 1on1 coverage. They give up plays but overall our defense looks to be coming together as all these younger players get some experience. I wonder if Nolan blitzed less to start the year because they didn't want to leave the rookies Trufant and Alford out there without help.

The offensive line was downright awful to start the year, one of the worst I've seen but it looks like they're slowly starting to gel, still got a long way to go but it looks like things are pointing up. I know we've been behind the last couple of games, but right now we're last in rushing Attempts a game (18.2) and last in rushing yards , I know it's hard to run the ball when you're getting tackled behind or at the line of scrimmage but I think our line needs more game experience than they've been getting at run Blocking. Running the ball is partly a mentality thing and it looks like our coaches are afraid to run the ball, and I think that trickles down to the team. Steven Jackson looked pretty good against the Panthers with some powerful runs, I keep saying I feel like he needs to get at least 20 attempts a game, especially since we don't have many other weapons out there.

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