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Hearing about John Fox having Heart Surgery and now Gary Kubiak,

who was diagnosed with a TIA (Silent Stroke) on Sunday, definately

raises concerns for the well being of Smitty.

Regardless of wht you think about Smitty, this season has taken a

toll on the man.

After week 2 it was apparent that the man is losing sleep and stressed to the Max.

You can see it on his face plain as day.

No matter how you look at it, this season has taken a severe toll on players and coaches alike.

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He had a scare after a game in Carolina in '10(I think). I actually think that's why we don't see him red faced and screaming very often anymore.

Idk...Last Sunday he was red faced, throwing a fit, and screaming at the refs. It went on even after another snap. The T.V. announcers had no idea why. I wonder if someone here knows why.

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Kubiak's condition is pretty serious because 1 in 3 suffer a stroke

within a year after the TIA.

My guess is that he will be getting serious evaluation, and or a regime

of clot disolving drugs.

Even then the odds are still there.

Kubiak was suffering a terrible season in Houston like we are in Atlanta.

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I noticed it too. Idk why he was upset, but I know that's the first time in a long time I've seen it.

Right! That is why it seemed so strange. I believe it was at the end of the second Quarter. I just remember the second snap (perhaps even the one that got him angry) was after the two minute warning, and since he had ripped his headset off the play before, we were afraid that in his highly agitated state that he would try to throw the red flag... forgetting that the play was automatically reviewed...and well... we all know what would have happened.

We were screaming at Smitty screaming! "Put the headset back on!"

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Why is this even a thread? I love Smitty but geez

Because if I had posted this in Pure Football it would have gone un noticed, and

the post has an underlying subject that merits discussion.

Players get examined and tested routinely, the Brain Trust of the team are not subject

to the same testing and it is my contention that it is in the teams best interest to do so.

on a semi annual basis.

If I am paying a person big time bucks to coach my team, a few grand spent on contrasting

would be a very wise investment, right down to the Assistant's.

2 out of 32 HC's are down and that is a huge percentage or low considering the Acute Stress

that comes with the job, pending how you want to look at it.

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