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Predictions For Sunday...

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Hey Falcons Fans ~ Our Hawks are coming to town pretty beat up. As of today, their missing 4 Starters on O and Big Red on D. Given their performance the last couple of weeks, I think this game will be much closer than some of the comments I've read here.

As a Hawk fan, I'm certainly hoping for win, but realistically I think your Birds get the better of us.

I thought u ment Atlanta hawks LOL

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My prediction isn't about who will win the game, but if the Falcons do beat Seattle - any given Sunday or just an uncharacteristically well played game by the team, look for the 10-6 bunch to start that nonsense.

We may beat Seattle and go on a two possibly even three game win streak, there won't be a 10-6 finish for this team.

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I predict the Falcons will lay down like a bunch of dogs. This one will be over in the 2nd quarter. Steven Jackson will leave with a re-injured thigh after 2 carries. This game will be so bad Matt Ryan will be benched, along with the entire first string offense and defense. It will be one of the most embarrassing losses in Atlanta Falcons history.



On the other hand we might win. We won't know until after the game, in all likelihood.

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Seahags on their way to a Div Championship. No way it's close.

I don't care about no BS division championship dreams the Seahawks got. I don't care what it looks like on paper and I don't care if everyone else bends over and spread eagle. I'm not a quitter, don't care how bad it looks I'm not going down without a fight.

Falcons 35

Seahawks 34

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