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Predictions For Sunday...

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yea, nice little slap in the face win after we help our division rivals position in the playoff standings, while dropping a slot in the draft.

still would love a win

A win against the Panthers would have been accecptable (considering the draft)

I looked at the NFL standings today; Low and Behold the Panty's, leading the

league in fewest points allowed. Uggh....Ugly.

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I just don't see the Falcons winning this game, I have a feeling the Seahags will have a little extra motivation to try and make a statement against the Falcons since they were knocked out of the playoffs by them last year. Falcons barely beat them in the playoff game with a healthy team.

Seahags - 31 Falcons - 13.

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If Roddy play, it will be not a blowout like the last games against cards and panthers.

But I would say 23-20 Seahawks. But I am not so sold on the seahawks. I do not think, that the Falcons will winn more than four games till the end of the season. But this is for me more winnable than some other games left.....( for example at Green Bay (if Rodgers comes back, how the prediticions are)

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It's a close game towards the end of the 4th qtr. Ryan drives us into the red zone. We freeze up and go postal. We forget the shovel pass and opt for Sjax up the middle. Of course, the Seabirds are expecting just that and shove our ol on their butts stopping Sjax for no gain. Ryan pizzes himself along with Smitty. Time runs out and we lose again. Stadium down to 50% capacity by the 3rd qtr. Smitty hides from Blank and the news media.

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