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Stadium Price Rises 200M

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As an architect, I knew that $1B was never going to be the price. Not with the engineering and moving roof.

Oh yeah it was clear. Didnt the Dallas Stadium cost 1 Billion? 5 years later and you can easily assume ours will be way over that.

The extra is coming out of the Falcons pockets it looks like. Which, as we know in the business world, means it is coming out of the customers pockets.

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Phuck this new stadium crap!!!! Put a freaking kick azz football team on the field!!! Enough with the bullshyt already!

This is extremely getting old folks. I've been a fan since the 70's and this goes out to all my vet fans of this team who have put up with so much.

We were so close and now going backwards again. It will be years before this team does anything again, history speaks! This experiment is not freaking working!!!!

Later folks....I'm off to get some beer!

BTW... the latest coach smith presser teed me off! Sorry to all you smitty lovers but he phukin sucks!

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what is wrong with the city of atlanta? build a new stadium for no one to go to every time a team that has a history of losing and no one showing up to games during losing seasons? brilliant!!

This stadium is being built for the SEC, Chickfila Bowl, Final Four, and Super Bowl as much if not more than for the Falcons.

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