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tried to tell people...everybody said he wasn't hitting the hole fast enough...LeSean McCoy is the only player on this planet that could have a the A gap play called, and hit the random D gap that this dumbass line opens up before it closes.

I havn't paid much attention to any Eagles game but mmmmmm Lesean McCoy I wants.

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lol I was pretty much the only person on Earth last year that said it wasn't Turner's fault. I always said he only needed the initial blocking and he could do the rest.

When we signed SJax I said the same thing. Not a knock on him but I didn't expect a lot of production out of him only because of our terrible run blocking line

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Willis Mcgahee didn't get a call till about week 5 of this year. Teams don't typically sign 30 year old backs. Jackson won't hear his phone ring whenever we let him go. Wasn't Turner's fault last year. Who's fault is it this year? Jackson is built like a concrete building and isn't fat. Quizz is a bowling ball and isn't fat or old, and Snelling lost weight and is young but still we can't run the ball and our runners are getting hit in the backfield. Must still be Turner's fault for our running game this year right smart guy?

We all know you have a thing for Turner's *** crack.

So when McGahee got a call from the Giants, why didn't Turner? Answer me that, smart guy.

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