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Matt Ryan Is Injured

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start DD he won't be as bad as Ryan was today

plus he can make plays when pocket breaks down

and not throw girl passes up in air and easy ints

Isn't it funny how you turn up when he is'nt good but disappear about 80% of the time when he is ok good stuff.

True Falcons fan right here awesome would'nt you love this guyy in your corner when the going gets tough.

Oh no thats right you'd be the guy running away like a little girl do us a favour keep running.

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Guest Negatorris


Thnx man, this really sucks. Hey we still got the Hawks to look forward too right sad.png

The Hawks are in rebuilding mode, so I wouldn't expect much from them. The Falcons are well on their way to joining them as a rebuilding team.

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Send E-mails of all the draft picks and start a peitition now. If the postions are not correctly drafted for we should just have an overwhelming petition to remove TD, Nolan, And Smith. Cuz this **** is rediculous. How did the line get soo Bad this quick. Didnt Michael Turner run 1,000 behind it like 2 years ago. How could orgnization screw up this bad

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