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The Obamacare Website - How Does It Represent A Failure Of Government?

Leon Troutsky

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that isn't why its funny. Stealing is a common practice among the liberal. Whether it be men (that whole slave trade to bring the world "enlightenment". Or the hottest mumford and sons song via illegal download, or the taxes used to give people cell phones.

if you're proud of sloppy seconds that's your thing.

Unless your wife or girlfriend is a virgin, then you are also getting someone elses sloppy seconds.

piracy is not a liberal concept. Slavery was not a liberal concept. You do realize that liberal republicans were the ones to free the slaves right? Too bad the republican party turned its back on those liberal roots. We could have a better government now.

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It is not really a myth as much as it is no longer true. It was just a joke lo. Don't have to get sensitive. are you a Java developer?

Right now a performance analyst, but yes I am. Due to abstractions people don't think about what they are telling computers to do at all and code some horrible ****.

JVM is nice though.

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