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This Message Board Is A Septic Tank

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I just don't understand all the negativity. We've been through so much worse, for so much more time than what this is. We are 1-4. We could still make a push if we can go 8-3 or better to finish. And even if we don't make a push, we've had 5 very successful seasons in a row, we were bound to hit a bump in the road! That's all this is, a bump!

Many were negative when we were 13-3, so it's very natural really.

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Man no doubt this place is a shadow of what it was a few years ago. Most of the great posters are long gone, and the place is full of worthless trolling 13 year olds , Aholes and BS in general. But it still gets traffic LOL, so I guess it is what it is. And hey, Swifty is still here, so it can't be ALL bad ! laugh.png

ROFL. Yeah they say the team takes on the identity of its coach: well this message board has taken on the identity of its most famous legend, SWIFT!

See Swift you win after all, which just goes to show perseverance pays off.

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This message board sucks so bad I have been trying to explain how bad it is but keep coming up lost for words...

Some if you just need to move along to another team or sport and i could careless how long you've been a fan, your constant negative bs is taking its toll on some of us. Get lost!

How bout no. Can't speak for others, but I will always continue to voice what I consider to be the most obvious flaw with the team I will always love, lack of talent in the trenches. Edited by vabchbirdlover
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