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Predict The Game Plan For Sunday!

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The plan:

Team arrives 2 hrs before the game.

Players change into their game shorts.

Players take the field by position group and rehearse bye week preparations.

Oline practices blocking air to perfect their technique.

RBs practice running into stadium wall for no gain.

WRs practice their screen plays by blocking Arthur and TD.

MR practices his timing by taking fake snaps, counting to 1000 (not 1000 and 1), and throwing the ball away.

TG practices running straight ahead 7 yards and turn around.

Dline practices against the cheerleaders while waving their POM POMs.

LBs practice their mis-communications.

CBs practice turning their head and looking for safety help.

Safeties practice tackling by throwing themselves on the ground.

Special teams run 50 yard sprints without touching anyone.

Coaches remain in locker room practicing poor clock management and bad decisions.

Game time: implement the plan.

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Watching the Jets disgrace made it clear that not only can we not block anyone or hold the point or get off a block on D, but we refuse to even use the fast corners we drafted to blitz

So Im predicting some runs up the middle with 0 upside that McCoy will destroy

Then trying to pass with no one to throw it to because no one was brought in despite 2 weeks to get them ready and no time

Then on D a complete inability to stop the run or pressure the QB or play on the other side of the line of scrimmage, no effective blitzing using our CB talent, and DEFINATELY some 3rd and long jokes (D was last in the league on 3rd down last time I checked)

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With all our injuries....score early & often; would be in reality having 14-0 lead going into the half, sit on the lead & watch the Bucs score the next TD to bring it to 14-7. In the final minute of the game, our "D" intercepts the ball in the endzone & runs yard for a 21-7 victory!

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The game plan is:

Leave Greenville, SC at 6:30 AM with 5 of us packed in a Hyundai Elantra.

Arrive in Atlanta around 8:56AM.

Unpack Beer Pong Table, choose sides and play a few games.

Walk to stadium around 12:15.

Watch Falcons shock the world with 60 minutes of dominate football until 4:15

Sleep in the car from 5:00 till about 8PM.

Check internet when I get home to make sure it wasn't a dream.

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I'm pretty sure I know what the Bucs will do. Play press on our WR's and bracket Gonzo and blitz the Helll out of Ryan. Ryan will have no choice but to force passes that just won't be there. I believe the Bucs will run Martin 30 times at us.

If I were Koetter I would do what I could to establish some sort of run game. Misdirection and screens. I have little faith in the Oline to pass protect longer than 2 seconds. Quick passes will be wry difficult to complete and long passes well are not in the play book this bear. Hopefully quizz and Snelling can do work

A loss 23 -16. Ryan throws 2 pics We kick 3 fieldgoals and no redzone efficiency and poor 3rd down conversions, the D has some bright moments but the rookie QB has his best pro day

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