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How Many Fans Will Be In The Stadium This Sunday?

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I'm going, it's my first Falcons game. Especially since it's against the Bucs who I hate most out of our division.

I'm excited guys, any cheap beer near the GA Dome to drink before going in?

Sweet, its my first game too. I'd like to know where I can grab some drinks before the game too if anyone knows

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I'll be there, but I don't expect the atmosphere to be all that great. I think a lot of fans are just fed up with what they perceive as a lack of effort from this team. We have the talent to not be losing to teams at home. So, I expect a "I'm from Missouri " mindset this Sunday, meaning, fans will have a "Show me" attitude because they've seen it all before.

I agree with this post and I will add---if we are up at halftime then all is well no matter how we get there, but if we are not or 3 and out or too many Red Zone field goals--YOU WILL HEAR THE BOO'S

Sad but true

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People are not blind fools! Like I have mentioned in other blogs, "I expect my team to WIN every game!" Now that the Falcons are 1-4 and look like they should be 0-5. I enjoy watching my team play but if I were a season ticket holder I would be pissed and really question whether or not I want to watch this team play. The offense looks good in the hurry up but he (Coach Smith) does not want to run it often.......hmmm that sounds familiar. The defense looks horrible and does not seem to be getting better. Hmmm. that sounds familiar also. Oh yea we FIRED both OC and DC because of these very same reasons

So I expect that alot of people will stay away from the stadium Sunday until they see that the Falcons are worth spending their time and hard earned money to watch them.

To be fair, FO didn't fire MM or BVG, they both left of their own terms. We did Fire P. Boudeaux(sp), former OL coach, along with our previous strength/conditioning coach. No noticeable improvement thus far. Hmmmmmm.
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Well whether I will be there or not depends on if I can quit drinking this Sam Adams Octoberfest really soon. ohmy.png

I am already condemned to a hangover, but my appearance in my seat at the Dome is in peril unless this is my very last one.

Help me Obie Wan Kenobi: you're my last hope.

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