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Atlanta Falcons O-Line Isn't The Worst, They Aren't Even Half Bad!

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Our OL is abysmal. Pryor scrambles to try to buy time and holds onto the ball too long. Looking at "only" sack statistics to grade an OL is nonsensical.

Fact #1 - We have the least 1st downs via rushing in the entire league at this point (4 in 5 games)

Fact #2 - We are tied for 2nd in least number of sacks, but we are 18th when it comes to QB hits. We've given up 29 QB hits in 5 games, while the teams ahead of us have mostly played an extra game.

Fact #3 - Ryan has the 7th lowest air yards per attempt. Yet he is still hit 6 times per game. With that average, if we didn't have the buy week, he would've been hit the 8th most in the league with the 7th shortest average throw.

Fact #4 - If you want to see how bad our OL is, compare it to the best and see where we stand. Peyton has the 5th most air yards per attempt. Peyton has been hit 14 times this season, the least in the league. And that is through 6 games.

Through 5 games, Ryan has the 7th shortest average throw in the air, and is still getting hit 6 times per game. Through 6 games, Peyton has the 5th longest throw, and is only getting hit 2.3 times per game. Peyton in 6 games has been hit 15 less times than Ryan in 5 games.

Does this clear up the debate?

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Falcons oline isn't bad?

Do you watch the games or do you just look at the # of sacks given up and assume our line must be good?

The falcons offensive line doesn't give up aloy of sacks for 1 reason and 1 reason only......matt ryan.

Ryan has one of it not the quickest release in the nfl thus avoiding most sacks. Its been like that for years. The last2 seasons combined we haven't given up a ton of sacks yet our offensive line has given up more qb hits then teams like the packers , steelers and cowboys! Only reasons most of those hits didn't end in sacks is because of ryan releasing the ball fast.

Pff graded our oline as the 28th worse in the league and if you look at the amount of time ryan has to find a reciever you would see that it was also at the bottom.

So yeah, our offensive line is that bad

I don't know if Ryan has always had a quick release--didn't watch him in college--but since he has been in Atlanta he has never played behind a good offensive line. Fortunately, he has the ability to read and throw quickly. There have been times, and this year is one of them, when Matt looks like "a deer in the headlights" when the ball is snapped. He has little to no confidence in the line. The bad throws we have seen in games this year were likely because of this. Actually, it is remarkable that he is as highly regarded as he is. Given time to throw consistently Matt would probably be in the top 2 or 3 Qbs.
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What are your thoughts on the O-line, please post via video and picture if possible.

LOOK!! They aren't the worst in the NFL THAT IS A FACT!! The Raiders just give up 10 SACKS in one game!!

So hey, what are your feelings on how to FIX the O-LINE or at least just make it decent at this point considering the status of the FALCONS team?


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Leave it to Breakfast at Tiffany's to like this thing :) Nobody said anything about Matt Ryan, and here he is trying to stir up the pot... how utterly surprising. I'm glad that my life has a little more to it than trolling around a message board making the same comments over and over trying to get people worked up. Pretty sad if you ask me :) Our oline may not be the worst, but it's much, much closer to the bottom than it is to the top. I watched the KC-Oak game, and Oak's line is really bad, especially the tackles, but to be honest, it just looks a lot like our line without a QB who knows he needs to get rid of the ball quickly. Factor in Pryor trying to extend plays and that's where you get all the sacks. There was one where he fake tossed, ran 20 yards behind the line, dodged a few guys, and then was sacked 15 or so yards back, so he's taking a few sacks he doesn't need to take. In all honesty, if you sit and watch a Falcon game and come away thinking that this line is anywhere in the vicinity of competence, then I really don't know what to say to you, because you are insane!

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