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A Rundown Of Our Roster Going Forward

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QB1: Matt Ryan: Hold onto this guy until he can't go any more. End of discussion

QB2: Who gives a ****

RB1: Steven Jackson: We have him for another year at least, ride him out.

RB2: Jacquizz Rodgers: This guy is a solid all around player. Keep him for cheap.

RB3: Jason Snelling: Utility RB that can do anything. Keep him for cheap

FB: Who gives a ****.

TE: Tony's done at the end of the year. Cheap FA pick-up or Toilolo

TE2: Let's find a TE that can actually block. Late rounder or cheap FA.

LT: Sam Baker: We're going to have to bite the bullet on him unfortunately

LG: Justin Blalock: Solid, keep him

C: Peter Konz: He's got one more year to prove he can play

RG: Garrett Reynolds: Despite his last game, I think he's been solid. Hold him

RT: Lamaar Holmes: Either he shapes up, or he ships out. His questionable work ethic is not what we need to tether our franchise too.

WR1: Roddy White: Throw to him until he's dead or wants a mega-contract

WR2: Julio Jones: See Matt Ryan

WR3: Harry Douglas: Keep him for another year, and then evaluate

WR4-5: Who gives a ****.


RDE: Osi Umenyiora: Ride him out, he's cheap. Draft his replacement HIGH

DT: Jonathan Babineaux: Good player, resign unless he wants a mega-deal

DT: Corey Peters: Solid, but we need to upgrade here seriously. Could fill for Babineaux if he ships out.

DT: Peria Jerry: He plays like depth, and should be paid like it.

LDE: ???: Yeah, we're that far down the rabit hole. Draft high or FA.

SLB: Joplo Bartu: High potential, low cost. Stick with him

ILB: Paul Worrilow: See Joplo Bartu

ILB: Akeem Dent: He's cheap. Compete with Worrilow.

OLB: Sean Weatherspoon: He's locked in. Evaluate him down the road.

CB1: Asante Samuel: Cheap. Ride his contract out

CB2: Desmond Trufant: He's looking solid.

CB3: Robert McClain: Get your **** together or ride the bench.

CB4: Robert Alford: Also looking solid.

SS: Willam Moore: Only true bright spot on this defense. Keep him

FS: Thomas DeCoud: Hit this guy in the face with a step ladder.

Magic Mystery Position: Kroy Biermann: Ride him out while we got him, but don't put too much stock in him. He's not a center piece to any quality defense.

Special Team:

K: Matt Bryant: Run with him until he goes Elam on us

P: Matt Bosher: Guy was worth the draft pick

KR/PR: As long as they can hold onto the ball, I don't care. Low priority.


On offense, RB, WR, and receiving TE should be put on the backburner. Invest high at Tackle, and nowhere else. We'll have to do a wait and see with Konz. Guard is solid for now. RB should never be a priority for this team again. We need to find a TE that can actually block one day(we'll miss you Peele/Hartsock).

On defense, throw everything we got at the DT and DE positions. Osi is going to be gone after next year, and Babineaux may want more than he's worth. Corey Peters is just an okay starter, but even if we keep Babineaux, the state of the DT position is unacceptable. Treat Bartu and Worrilow like Grimes, the potential is there. Weatherspoon can be evaluated down the road, same with Dent. LB isn't a priority for us here. CB is set, but we might actually have to look at outright ditching DeCoud if he continues to suck like a vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line: Throw every god damned dollar, draft pick, and cookie we got at the defensive line and offensive tackle positions.

Mostly right on all them but i'd say Peters is a keeper guy is on pace for like 70 tackles and 6 sacks Babs is the one that has to go he's good one game then doesn't show up the next game.

Holmes is actually grading out to be an average LT for what its worth in another words he's played much better on the left side considering his upside I'd keep him but also look to replace any of them given the opportunity in the draft or Free agency.

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