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You Cannot Put Lipstick On This Pig - 2013 Atlanta Falcons Miss Playoffs

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"Yes, 118 NFL teams started 1-4 between 1990 and 2012. Only six of them made the playoffs. That's 5 percent. In other words, 95 percent of the teams in the Falcons' current predicament have not made the playoffs.



that is a quote from Kevin Seifert's ESPN article on Falcons.

G-Dawg Take:

I am sure someone will post Jim Carrey from "Dumb & Dumber" (So you are tellin' me there's a chance!) for comic relief - if so, fine, we all need it.

We are five games into a 16 game season and its already time to start talking draft, personnel and coaches. As much as I love to talk draft - and those of you know me know this - I do not really like it to begin until January.

Our season is OVER - it ended playing a horrible Jets team with a mistake prone rookie QB, who had not one receiver, tight end nor running back that could start for the Falcons - it happened on our HOMEFIELD which is not an advantage - not because of the fans - because our team sucks!!!

The Falcons offensive line is so bad, I knew we failed on goal line call before halftime IF the play was a running play - how in the world did Mike Smith think that was going to work? everyone in the Georgia Dome knew that call would not work.

As to the defense, I still blame the front 7. The reason why Geno Smith looked like Johnny Unitas was because he could sit back in the pocket and eat a ham sandwich before he had to throw the ball - Falcons played a soft zone all night and the WRs/TEs could just run vertically through the zone and be wide open.

This team is lost - has injuries contributed? sure, but there is more than enough talent on the field to perform.

In FIVE YEARS, Mike Smith has never fixed this defense - he is a DEFENSIVE COACH with no defense. I have always given Mike Smith credit for being a part of turning this franchise around. He has been a steady influence and deserves some credit - but how much? How much credit of the Atlanta Falcons five year run of good football should go to Mike Smith? Would any other NFL coach or asst. hired by Dimitroff/Blank done just as good with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White and Julio Jones? I think its a fair question.

As much as I think REX RYAN is a clown, if he were the Falcons coach - he would get this defense fixed. Now, am I saying fire Mike Smith and hire Rex Ryan? No, I am not saying that. What I am saying is some coaches bring tangible skill sets to their team - Sean Payton is a killer play caller, Rex Ryan's teams play good defense. What is Mike Smith's hallmark? We used to say "Smith does not lose back-to-back games" and "Falcons don't lose at home".

Mike Smith has been in ATLANTA for five years - our defense is worse now than it was in 2008 when we took over. Our offensive line is worse now than in 2008 when he took over. Our team is regressing. Does Dimitroff share some blame? sure, but I blame Mike Smith more.

Its time for Arthur Blank to start deeply evaluating everything. I'm not calling for any rash changes right now - but everyone should be on their toes.

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Our defense sucks so bad, when there is a fire in counties around Flowery Branch, they do not call the fire department. They call the Atlanta Falcons to suck all the oxygen out of the air and suffocate the fire.....!!!!

When the team every one calls the circus of the NFL comes into your home on Monday night, national TV and wins with a rookie QB the way they did, I think that makes us the circus of the NFL..

Blank please fix this....At least all I really have to look forward to on Sundays now is Walking Dead!!!!

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Talent in the trenches has been has been inadequate in recent memory. IMO, you hold the person most responsible accountable (TD), for this most glaring weakness.

sh#ot usually rolls downhill - Smith is under Dimitroff - Smith is first to go. I think Dimitroff will survive but he will have to change course. We need a HC that will demand trench players for his schemes.
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