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Please Trade Gonzalez To The Chiefs


Trade Gonzales?  

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  1. 1. Time to Trade Tony G?

    • Yes, he can be an asset elsewhere and we can get good value for him
    • No, the Falcons still have hope for a playoff run . . . IF we have Gonzales

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If Tony REALLY wanted his SB, he woyuld have come back a bit cheaper than 7mil. He's one of the reasons we are handcuffed and strapped for money. We couldnt bring Abe back to work with Osi. We cant sign any Offensive lineman worth a ****.

I like the scenario of trading him to the Chiefs to put him on a contender in his last season. However in the real world, the Chiefs would be fools to make any deal like that because it doesnt really make them any better as a team, then they'd have to give something up next year that wouldmake their team better. Not happening.

This is not completely accurate. We went into the season with somewhere along the lines of $8 million in spare salary cap. For some reason, Dinitroff elected to pocket that money. In hindsight, we could have totally revamped our offensive line had the $8 million been allocated to it. That amount of money could net us 2-3 good NFL offensive linemen...sigh.

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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®

Translation: Even if the falcons would allow their only offensive weapon and only blocker leave, nobody would take his salary for the amount of time that he has left.

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These taint fans man... Last year when they were caught in bounty gate, I didn't say anything because I knew even though they we're filthy astrix deserving *****. They couldn't field a competitive team without their one drug stealing criminal of a head coach, as that is the only pillar they have to stand on. We can't field a competitive team because we're decimated from injury and they're now crawling out of they cesspool of a town to talk ****. Really does speak volumes for the city and most if not all it's fans...

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