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Dirtybird#11 Mock Draft 3

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1st-Taylor Lewan,Michigan OT

He is a BIG BOY he 315 pounds so he could possibly shift to guard even though his original position is OT.He comes from a big school so it isnt like he is a Walmart pick up as some of you describe it.Plus with the way our Tackles are playing it wouldnt hurt.

2nd-Anthony Steen,Alabama OG

If you have noticed a pattern im trying to fix our dreadful OLINE.I seen most of you liked the pick that Salmon made with Cyril Richardson but he is just to good to see him fall to a mid-late 2nd round pick in my opinion, so i think Anthony Steen is a great 2nd option for OG.He has got decent size as he height/weight is 6-2/310 lbs and he comes from one of the best OLINE in college football so his awareness and dicipline should be top notch.

3rd-James Gayle,Virgina Tech DE

He isnt the biggest as he weighs in at 253 lbs. but he can sure as heck read an react FAST.With his smaller size it makes him more agile than most DE an some even argue he could move back to OLB.Im a fan of VT since the Vick Bros where there an i have never seen such a talented defense than this year and he is a key piece of the puzzle at VT.I hope to see him in a Falcon Uniform next year.

4th-Max Bullough,Michigan State MLB

Arguably one of the most underated LBs in College Football.He makes Tackles as he already has 22 tackles this year which is near 6 tackles a game!He is a great MLB an if we get him this late i would consider it a steal.He may not be known for his Coverage Skills but he is a great leader and also incredible when it comes to reading plays and making tackles.

5th-Dri Archer,Kent State WR

With Roddy starting to become older and his contract nearing its end it might be time to start looking for a WR.Yes you may say HD is good but he is shaky at times and he is very inconsistent.But Archer may not have size as he is only 5-8 and only weighs 173 but that can only mean one thing....HE IS A SPEED DEMON!He has had a 40 time as low as 4.21 and with the way you people complain about PR/KR here is your guy.With some development he could become a good #2 but for now just view him as a KR/PR guy and a special teamer.

6th-Shamar Stephen,Connecticut DT

This is a size pick he is the 4th biggest DT in the draft behind Louis Nix,Daniel McCullers,Daquan Jones which they all should be definetly gone by the 5th round.Idk much about him but with him weighing in at 323 he should be able to plug up a line along side Corey Peter and Babs.

7th-Andrew Norwell,Ohio State OG

With the way our oline plays this is kind of a pick em up and see if he makes the team and possibly give us Depth in the OLINE.He is 6-6 316 and coming from Ohio State he should have experience against some bigger opponents so the trasition from size and speed from NCAA to NFL shouldnt be to hard for him.

here is my 3rd mock draft thoughts and changes probably come considering it is hard pleasing you people

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I like it. In my opinion we have to go line on either side. I would say that we either need to sign a free agent OT DT or DE that is a legitimate player. Then draft accordingly. Idk who all is available, but you aren't going to be able to fix all these issues through the draft alone.

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Little early for a mock isn't it?

If your going to do a mock it has to be almost all defense manly because our defense has blown a lead in 5 out of the last 6 and it could have been all 6 if not for a drive from the offense in the ram's game not to mention there ppg has to be in the high 20's over the last 6 games.

The Barr kid from UCLA would be my main target at all cost. We should also have plenty of cap space as well with TG gone and some cuts. I'd would target 2 OL in Free agency I'm good with Baker if he's healthy have Holmes as a swing man.

Cuts Babs if he's not a free agent and maybe Roddy to have to see what's out there what we could have and how much money it would free up.

At the end of the day the offense has a good young core with Ryan and Jones,Rodgers and hopefully guys like Konz and Holmes.

Look at the defense we have nothing to build around up front its about time we stop putting band aides on the DL like Osi and keeping kroy and Babs there nice players when there the 3rd or 4th guy your worried about.

Seems like we're trying to build both sides of the ball inside out and now we're paying for it.

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Why would you spend the time to make three of these before we even hit week 5.

Its way to early the teams we've lost to only have a record of 12-1 its not like we've lost to teams that we should have beat. We've only won one game in NO's and they missed the FG. The Dolphins have a lot of talent and we were on the road and it was really a make or break game for them if you looked at their schedule and the Pats do nothing but win and then not to mention we could have won all 3 of the games we lost.

There's a chance we only lose one or two games from here out if we can get healthy a win against Seattle and a split of the GB and Niners game.

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Is this a WHAT WE SHOULD take mock or WHAT WE WILL DO mock?

I think Baker has some compromising pcitures of DT, so DT will defend and stand by baker until the final year of his contract.

Also, 2 OG with the 1st 2 picks? Um, no. If there isn't a promising LT there at #19 (where I think roughly we will be picking), we just go BPA at a position of need (arguably OG). But we have to find a legit LT, Baker has mailed it in...there's a reason his only good year was a contract year and DT bought it hook line and sinker. Maybe he just wasn't paying attention because he ran out of hair gel that day, but it was still a horrifically stupid decision to lock that clown up.

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