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Rex Ryan Picks Rob Ryan’S Brain About The Falcons

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In Week One, the Saints’ defense did a great job of shutting down the Falcons’ offense. On Monday night, the Jets’ defense will take on the Falcons’ offense. And so it’s good for the Jets that their head coach can get some insight from the Saints’ defensive coordinator.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said today that he sought information from his brother, Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, in preparing for the Falcons.

“Of course, you talk to him,” Rex said about calling his brother. “There’s no doubt about that. I don’t want to get in trouble for insider trading, but absolutely you’ll talk to him.”

It’s not like Rob Ryan has a magic formula for beating the Falcons, but the Saints would be glad to see an AFC team beat one of their NFC South rivals, so it’s easy to see why Rob Ryan would pass along any information he can. And if Rex Ryan thinks his brother can help his team win, then that’s a call he should make.


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If we lose this one it's over around here. They're really banged up too and Smith is a TO machine. We should blow em out.


we know how should goes with this team, they better stop thinking they can beat anybody and just play football. Im tired of seeing the same ole we play down to our competition cr*p. these guys better get serious or they will lose the season.

I hope we blow them out and then be consistant from game to game.

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As you all may have guessed, Rob Ryan has already reached icon status in N.O.

Hey, he's all of four whole games into his tenure, I would have been shocked if the great unwashed masses in Nawlins hadn't deified his fat azz already. Nothing like that quick crash after a meteoric start, kinda like a North Korean ballistic missile launch.

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