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How Crazy Have Anti- Gun Nuts Become Over Guns In Schools? This ******* Crazy


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Three examples of bureaucrats who are nutty as squirrel **** when enforcing their idiotic anti-gun Dogma. I'm just going to hit the highlights, read the full articles if you really want to be amazed.


7th-grader suspended for having gun keychain




A 12-year-old boy was suspended from a Coventry middle school after his parents said he brought a small gun keychain to school.

Joseph Lyssikatos said the keychain was in his backpack at Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School on Thursday when it fell out. A classmate picked it up and started showing it to other students.

A teacher confiscated it and before Joseph knew it, he was suspended.


Boy suspended for chewing a Pop-Tart into a gun shape



7-Year-Old Suspended, Teacher Says He Shaped Pastry into Gun Children at Park Elementary School went home with a letter today explaining there was a disruption in school. Seven year old Josh Welch, and his father, say the disruption lead to a two day suspension for the second grader in Brooklyn Park. Academics are hard for Josh, who suffers from ADHD, but he excels in art class. It is Josh's own creativity that may have gotten him into trouble. At Park Elementary school, Josh was enjoying his breakfast pastry when he decided to try and shape it into a mountain. Josh said, "It was already a rectangle and I just kept on biting it and biting it and tore off the top and it kinda looked like a gun but it wasn't." Josh takes full responsibly for trying to shape his breakfast pastry, but admits it was in innocent fun. He told FOX45, "All I was trying to do was turn it into a mountain but, it didn't look like a mountain really and it turned out to be a gun kinda." When his teacher saw the strawberry tart he knew he was in trouble, he recalls, "She was pretty mad and I think I was in big trouble." Josh's dad received a phone call from the school saying that Josh has been suspended for two days because he took his breakfast pastry and fashioned it into a gun. Josh's dad was astounded to learn the school chose such a harsh punishment, even after no one was hurt. Late Friday afternoon a letter went home with students explaining the incident saying, "A student used food to make an inappropriate gesture." But Josh's dad is not happy saying, "I would almost call it insanity. I mean with all the potential issues that could be dealt with at school, real threats, bullies, whatever the real issue is, it's a pastry.., Ya know?" Josh just wishes he could go back to class, but maintains a good sense of humor through the whole debacle saying, "I didn't get to eat all my breakfast, so, really I am still hungry."


and finally the grand finale of stupidity

Florida boy, 8, suspended from school after using finger as imaginary gun



An 8-year-old Florida boy was suspended from school after using his finger as a pretend gun while playing cops and robbers with his friends.

Jordan Bennett was suspended for a day after administrators at Harmony Community School in Harmony, Fla., said the gesture was an act of violence, WFTV.com reported.

His mother, Bonnie, told the station she's concerned that her son may labeled violent with a suspension now on his academic record.

"He had nothing in his hand. It was a finger gun, a pretend gun," Bonnie Bennett said. "He didn't threaten violence. He didn't utter words that were inappropriate. He made a sound and used his fingers and that was it."

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How could I have forgotten this one?


7th-graders suspended for playing with airsoft gun in own yard

Two seventh-grade students in Virginia Beach, Va., were handed long-term suspensions Tuesday that will last until the end of the school year for playing with an airsoft gun in one of their front yards while waiting for the school bus.

WAVY-TV reports that 13-year-old Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark will face an additional hearing in January to determine if they will be expelled for "possession, handling and use of a firearm" because the guns were fired at two others playing in Caraballo's yard.

A neighbor saw Khalid shooting the airsoft gun in his yard and called 911, telling the dispatcher, "He is pointing the gun, and it looks like there's a target in a tree in his front yard," the station reported.

Khalid claims he never took the toy gun to the designated bus stop or Larkspur Middle School, according to the report. Two other students who fired guns were also suspended.

In a letter obtained by WAVY.com, school principal Matthew Delaney found that the "children were firing pellet guns at each other, and at people near the bus stop." Delaney states in the letter that one child "was only 10 feet from the bus stop, and ran from the shots being fired, but was still hit."

The school's so-called "zero-tolerance" policy on guns extends to private property, according to the report.

Khalid's mother, Solangel Caraballo, said it's ridiculous that her son and his friends were suspended because they were firing the airsoft gun on private property.

"My son is my private property. He does not become the school's property until he goes to the bus stop, gets on the bus, and goes to school," Caraballo told the station.

Khalid told WAVY-TV he thinks the punishment is unfair and may hurt his chances of getting into a good college after graduating from high school.

"It's on your school record. The school said I had possession of a firearm. They aren't going to ask me any questions. They are going to think it was a real gun, and I was trying to hurt someone," he said.

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I don't understand why you constantly assume that a few fringe goofballs somehow represent a movement, though. You do it all the time.

There are plenty of perfectly reasonable, thoughtful anti-gun positions, held by plenty of reasonable, thoughtful people. You seem to prefer to ignore those people in favor of a chicken little generalization based on extreme examples.

Maybe you should turn off the cable news. Neuroplasticity is real.

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I don't understand why you constantly assume that a few fringe goofballs somehow represent a movement, though. You do it all the time.

There are plenty of perfectly reasonable, thoughtful anti-gun positions, held by plenty of reasonable, thoughtful people. You seem to prefer to ignore those people in favor of a chicken little generalization based on extreme examples.

Maybe you should turn off the cable news. Neuroplasticity is real.

I pointed out four examples of buffoonery with these people enforcing school or district policies not just their individual preferences or feelings. Like Truthhurts said earlier, enjoy Planet Corn bro. Back on Earth, these radicalized nutjobs aren't nearly as fringe as you've always pretended that they are. They are making policy in local school districts.Notice this is taking place all over: RI, Md, Va, and Fl. I doubt these are the only examples of such adherence.

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If the government issued permits for free speech, would you get in line for one? If your state allowed you to hold a political meeting, but only if you obtained the proper license and consented to having your name entered in a government database, would you lay your money down? Has anyone ever stopped to think how stupid the concept of a concealed carry permit actually is?

Vermont is the only state that actually recognizes the rights of gun owners by saying that you may carry open or concealed without permit as long as you are a citizen of the U.S. or a lawfully admitted alien. [http://www.atg.state...es/gun-laws.php]

Anybody in the other 49 states who chooses to carry a handgun should just laminate the text of the Second Amendment and stick it in their wallet - "Here's my concealed carry permit, officer."

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In each example, specific individuals used poor judgment in applying the school rules. In each case, an individual applied school rules. This can happen anywhere, with any rule. This is not the norm. It will not be the norm.

I'm sincere in telling you to turn off the cable news. The constant barrage of fear, generalizations, and presentation of extremism can change the way you perceive the world. Before long, you are tuned in to the emotional roller coaster.

Sorry, those are just the facts.

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According to this site (http://www.edreform..../04/k-12-facts/), there were 88,982 elementary schools in the US in 2010.

You've shown 4 students being wrongly (I assume) punished for gun related behavior.

Seriously. You're not a victim. It's going to be OK.

This has always been your rationale: that I think I'm a victim, its just as off base now as it has been every other time you've used it over the years. I do believe that you have a serious case of burying your head in the sand while dumb **** takes place all around you. I'm not claiming victimhood by pointing that out. I'm not going to spend all day posting links....believe it or not...though it seems like I could. From a five minute search. Many, Many more out there, certainly not just four

Kids suspended for bringing Nerf guns to school with teacher's permission



Suffolk boys suspended after using pencils as guns


Kindergarten Student Suspended For Pink Bubble Gun Threat In Pennsylvania



Even The Huffington Post is reporting this

Toy LEGO Gun Gets Kindergartner Into Trouble At Massachusetts School (VIDEO)



Spinning top toy mistaken for a toy gun, student still suspended



Cypress HS student suspended for disarming gunman?

Student gets 3 day suspension after wrestling away gun

Rationale was, he was still involved in a "gun incident" wacko.png


Wear A Shirt With A Gun Picture To School and Get Suspended And Go To Jail…Say What?


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That's not the substance of what I'm saying, it's my opinion. It remains my opinion.

You are afraid that a few outlier weirdos who use poor judgment are the norm. Of the 89K elementary schools we have in the US, how many have employed a goofball administrator at some point? Add to that the recent scare about of gun violence in schools, and it stands to reason that more people will overreact. The disconnect is that you see it as a trend, or as a change in the zeitgeist, when the only information you have to support that is your fear. You could post 50 links about stupid administrators applying school policies poorly, and it would only show that human beings are susceptible to fear, and sometimes overreact. It's ironic, actually. This is not a trend, and it's not a movement.

Every paranoid man says 'You have your head in the sand! IT'S HAPPENING!'

Funny that you have no time or concern to research actual gun violence...just people who overreact in response to it.

Stop being scared all the time. Seriously. And turn off cable news. There have always been idiots suspending kids for whatever the new terror was at the time. You and I both know that. Those things always blow over.

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Guest terryowens81

This is like believing in ghosts. No one really understands "it could happen to you (or your kid)" until it actually happens. All of these links are precisely why I could never send my children to a public school. The pellet guns at the bus stop deserved a lengthy suspension, most of the others are SEVERE over-reactions by administrators trying to cover their azz.

What happens if you've got a parent on the other end of the phone that says, "my kid had a pop tart in the shape of gun pointed at him/her, what'chall gonna do about that?" Yes the administrators are being ridiculous in many of these cases but not HALF as ridiculous as MOST parents.

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be free and just resist the collective

model wholeness and mature decision making

that guy with the "O" on his bumper sticker has the same human needs as you. it does not make him an enemy

you may have to defend him one day. he may have to shelter you.

well said!
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