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Bigfoot Exists!


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Ever since I watched Peter Graves special in 1976, I believed in Bigfoot, well, in childhood anyways.I was so scared of the big creature, I would not even go into the woods by myself. I out grew it, but now there are people saying they have proof once again. I do not believe in Bigfoot yet, but I have never been able to resist reading articles about Bigfoot or watching the many videos on youtube about Bigfoot. I want to believe. wink.png

New Bigfoot Evidence Screened as Experts Claim Proof of Existence

New footage, DNA prove bigfoot exists, group says

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Photos and video are too easy to fake. Someone is going to have to produce an actual Bigfoot, live or dead, for independent examination before I would believe.

Oh I agree. I have tried some of those shows like ghost hunter and Monsterquest and their predecessors, but I always quit watching after a few episodes. All they do is tease you for an hour without ever producing any conclusive evidence. They never come up with one single bit of proof of what they are suppose to be looking for.

You are right about photos and videos, and that was even the case forty years ago. These days it is just much easier, so that is why I never believe anything unless I see it with my own eyes. I just always like seeing the new, but always inconclusive, evidence on such mythical creatures.

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