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Looking For Some Te Advice

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So i feel I am a consistent tight end away from a SB contending team.

I have Jared Cook, and I am about ready to put him out to pasture. So here are my options.

1. Get either Fleener, H. Miller or Clay from waivers.

2. Trade a RB for a TE. Already tried to go after Cameron and Graham, not happening.

The 2 most likely trade candidates for me is either Olsen or Finley since they are both backups. Any opnions on which one?

I am offering DeAngelo Williams first to try and get them since each team needs RB depth. I also have CJ2K, but his 2nd half schedule makes me hesitant to trade him low.

Here is my squad, i am open to ideas.

QB - Romo, Luck

RB (play two) - Martin, Johnson, L. Bell, Powell, D. Williams

WR (play three) - Marshall, D. Thomas, Gordon, White

TE - Cook


K - play matchups

I am also considering trying to work a deal for Cam Newton and/or SJax while they are buy low.

So far I have traded Kyle Rudolph and Kenny Britt for Josh Gordon and Eddie Royal for Roddy White. Both were buy low since Gordon was in Week 2 and White in week 3.

Please chime in.

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