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Who Will Falcons Pick With The #1 Overall Selection In Next Years Draft?

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Lol at anyone taking this guy seriously still when he says he's a Falcon fan.

You've never experienced Objective Critic until you've dealt with him in chat during a game. It's like trying to baby sit a 3yr old sugar jacked crack baby while watching football at the same time.

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Guest King Jigsaw

Clowney? The only logical choice unless we can unload Sam Baker. We don't want/need Bridgewater or Boyd.

If we out Baker and get some other team to take his contract off our hands then we can look at OTs like Lewan, Matthews, etc.

Though honestly if we were drafting this high and not taking Clowney (which no one views this as a credible scenario anyway) I would much rather us trade down to the middle bottom half (~20-24) and pick up a few other picks and go after a OT like James Hurst or Antonio Richardson so that we can load up on defensive talent afterwards. Guys like Sutton, Easley, Lyerla would all be great for us.

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Td never trades for extra picks. He does give up picks every year, however. Scratch the extra picks scenario. Looks like were headed for picks 10-15 (approximately). Usually can get some quality OL in that range, but TD likes to go with skill players. Look for that.

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