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Itll Be Nice To See

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A superbowl win...some nfl teams you can go to there teams stadium and/or museum and see multiple trophies... me? I fly to atl as much as I can afford to...to see my team play and walk through to see no superbowl trophy box... maybe im not spending enough but then I think... why should I second guess myself... then I get pissed at my team for under performing... an then I see fans say its wrong to be pissed to go be a fan of another team as thoe they own this team...well I dont like any other team and havent invested anyother team... as a matter of fact Arthur blank a business man would say my money is a small contribution to the building of a stadium in which isnt even build in a state that live in...20 years in (falcon born at 6yrs old)...it sure would be nice to see a superbowl win

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