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Funny Taft Posts

Big A

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Some of the stuff you read in TAFT are pretty funny. Check these out and feel free to add you own.

HD is a 4th option in a situation where the QB doesn't always have time to look for the 4th option.

simply not true, but believe what you want

this particular play it looked like HD was trying to tell Matt they giving him the middle of the field. the play was a run play


looks like if they shifted Quizz to the other side of Matt to move the LB and ran Roddy & Julio on straight 9s to draw the safeties, HD could run a slant and at least pick up the first if not score. Harry pointed at the middle of the field twice:


we gotta start recognizing these little opportunities then come back to take advantage. BTW Harry had just beat the corner on a jam the previous play

So basically as the 4th best receiver on team, HD is always the 4th read in every play!? Lol I guess they have never called a slant to HD lined up in slot as a blitz beater.

And the guy is taking Matt pointing out the mike linebacker and turning that into HD telling Matt, "he look where I'm pointing, I'm running that way and nobody is there!" Lmfao

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