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With This New Stadium Being Built,and By His Own Words To Us, Arthur Blank......


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unlike us fans,CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate a mediocre Falcon francise over any long span of time. He has this team and this CITY in his blood.From his words and actions i believe him when he says he wants not just ONE championship,but a team with the attitude of champions. He will put HEAVY pressure on TD ( or his successor) to give Smitty (or his successor) the type of players it takes to win in this league. I'm telling you that with or without who we've got, HE will keep our young winning tradition going. HE has been a winner for us And Atlanta. He will not let a francise with his mark on it be a loser, not for long.

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Is Matt Ryan still lining up behind center?

Ok. There's your answer.

Look, I'm not saying Dominic Davis is ready to take the reigns yet. Ok... I shouldn't say yet or anything that suggests something in the immediate future. That said, Matt Ryan needs a wake up call.

Matt Ryan needs to be sent a message. Is Arthur Blank tired of the: lackluster performance, untimely and unnecessary picks, and poor leadership or not. Giving Davis a few snaps a game will open Ryan's eyes. I'm not talking about a benching, just a wake up call.

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