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Things We Need To Work On.

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The reason we are losing is IMO three fold and being that we lost with the the final posesion with the opportunity to win or tie in the closing seconds and simply could not score all three reasons are offensive.

1-Lamar Holmes needs to work on his conditioning. They are not "playing four quarters" because he is gased after three. We literally may need to sub Schraeder in for him to keep him fresh like teams do their DL. Konz gets rag dolled and needs to work in the weight room.

2-Matt Ryan needs to work on his accuracy and angles. He is not as accurate as Brady. That was apparent in the head to head showdown. Manning(Peyton) and Brees work tirelessly on accuracy/delivery. He needs to throw people open better putting the ball out in front or down and away on come backs. He does well over the shoulder along the sideline and high over the middle, do more of that in the red zone.

3-Roddy, Julio, Jackson, and Toilolo need to work on their hands. All have dropped big time passes at crucial times. If we want +70% completion from Ryan, we cant have half our targets catching 50% of their opportunities. I have heard wrong routes mentioned too but that is still recievers.

Jaquizz is running hard and catching well. Gonzalez and Douglas have been consistant. If we want the offense to be dominant, the QB reciever connection cant have so many issues with ball placement and drops when we actually do have accurate throws.

The OL needs to eliminate penalties in addition to having the stamina to play 60 minutes.

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