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I Also Hate Crossing Guards.


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So Im out and about this morning, going to a Dr appointment to try to get clearence to go back to school and I'm driving along, going with the flow of traffic being the angel I am and I top the hill and there's this ancieny ****bucket of a lady standing in the road. ITS 9 OCLOCK AND THE SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD IS STILL IN THE STREET.

anyhoo, she starts walking toward me yapping away. I stopped so far away from her that she actually had to motion me forward so her fat*** would not have to walk. So she gives me the what for, yelling like a GD maniac saying she could give me a ticket, asking if I could read and basically being a Dbag.

I politely told her to stop yelling and told her I was with the traffic flow and since it was so late I assumed someone had left the 25 MPH signs out. That made her madder and she started yammering about a camera and getting a letter in the mail. I ask her if I was such a danger why she herself never even left the lane I was in and why she had any business in a traffic lane at all.

So anyway, what type of ticket am I looking at? Am I wrong for hoping this walmart greeter of the road dies in a painful way?

In closing **** authority from the dogcatcher to the highest court and if you know an old lady too stupid to get out of traffic, please run her over. THX in advance.

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