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Loquacious To No End


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Has been but 40 years, since I sealed my fate

To watch years and years of football, mostly second rate.

The hope of cheers, but the sounding of boos

How could fate do this to is, it must be a ruse.

I cheered Bartkowski, Stanback and Dodd,

as my team would get rudely planted in sod.

Some years we saw glimmers, and others we cried,

As the hopes of a Lombardi unceremoniously died.

I loved the GritzBlitz, and the 2 legit 2 quit crew

Chris Miller gave hope, as Prime Time did too.

Then the season of seasons, when the Superbowl came

And we all cursed Eugene Robinson by name.

Then there was Vick, what more can be said

So much hope, but more seasons dead.

Did I mentioned Petrino, the red headed *******

Who ended up being a turd on a stick.

Finally TD and Smith they did show,

That we could rise from the lower than low.

6 seasons later the same hope yearly

While failing to win what he want most dearly.

I'm not quitting yet, while theres blood in my veins,

Still want these Exec's to handle the reins,

This seasons been crappy, and things seem real bad,

This losing has gotten us feeling so sad.

But never forget, why we deal with this crap,

and let the pain and agony get handed in our lap,

We're falcon fans or have you forgot,

We are who we are, like it or not.

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