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The Obamacare Euthanasia Exemption


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Unfortunately, I get to be one of the millions of people who will fall through the cracks of Obamacare. I don't make enough money to afford even a partly subsidized plan, I make a little to much money to get a fully subsidized one, and there is no way in h*** I can afford to pay a penalty of over $600 per year when those penalties kick in. Like a lot of the working poor out there, this is going to totally screw me, but I've thought of the perfect solution to the problem.

I'd call it, "The Obamacare Euthanasia Exemption". Under this plan, people of my income level could exempt themselves from Obamacare and avoid the penalty if they singed a waiver agreeing to be humanely euthanized in the event that they needed health care. It's perfect! That way, people like me wouldn't have to worry anymore about how they are going to afford Obamacare and/or the associated penalties. Liberals could get behind it because it would remove one of the biggest obstacles to Obamacare and one of the core reasons for people being opposed to it. Not to mention it would only affect people who are not quite poor enough for liberals to care about them. I believe that conservatives, while normally opposed to euthanasia, could be convinced to get behind it as well. The reasons being, it would be cost-effective, it wouldn't require a tax hike on the wealthy, it wouldn't cut into the multi-billion dollar profits of health insurance corporations and it wouldn't affect the bottom line of health care providers. EVERYBODY WINS!!!!

So there it is! The perfect solution! The Obamacare Euthanasia Exemption. I'm in! Who's with me? Let's get this idea in front of congress before it's to late!

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Oh I get it. He's being sarcastic because he doesn't like it.

No, I'm being sarcastic because I hate it.

It will be 3 years before you have to drop $600.

And it will piss me off just as much in three years as it does now. I'm not putting my anger and my sarcasm on hold for three long years when I can start now.

I thought juggalos had comprehensive health and dental. Thanks, Obama.

I don't listen to ICP. I paint my face for the Falcons and the Falcons alone.

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