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I Figured It Out!


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No. It is all because TD would rather save some money for next year than realizing we have peaked. He let Vance walker go as well as Abe. Too important guys for our Dline. We went from having 1 good DE to none then back to 1( osi) and people complete forgot that we are still *** on the other side. They just wanted to fall into Abe vs Osi arguments.

A lot of us on the board have been predicting this down fall because of it. We spent 14 million on Gonzo, but can't bolster our Oline and Dline? Grab two CBs early when we already had Asante and McClain.

In my opinion, if we had a stronger line, our secondary would not look so bad. They may even look pretty good. Our DBs cannot cover forever.

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