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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Attending Falcons' Games


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This is not about the team, big games or big plays. This is about the experiences with fans, tailgating, atmosphere, and so on. If you met a player or something like that, that is fine, but we all have many stories about going to Falcons' games that have nothing to do with the games themselves.

1996: Almost got into a fight with two Vikings' fans. Back then, the opposing fans almost outnumbered Falcons' fans, and this game was no different. It was also the only time I have ever taken the Marta train to a game. The Vikings beat the Falcons 9-6 on a last second field goal, and on the train home, two Vikings' fans were standing beside me and my soon to be wife. They were talking loudly about the game and doing it as if the Vikings had killed the Falcons, and were just generally bad mouthing my team. I had my Falcons' jersey and gear on, so there was no doubt who my team was, and there was no doubt they were purposely trying to agitate me.

I did have a tad to drink, but I turned around said, "it's not like ya'll beat us by that much. You know I am standing here why are ya'll running your mouths?" And then it began to get a little heated. I did not seem to care there were two of them, but my wife did and she moved me on. They were being jerks on purpose, and it is the closest I have been to getting into a physical confrontation over ball game. I have hated the Vikings ever since.

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