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Patriots Vs Falcons Nfl Replay On Nfl Network Now

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1st drive

pocket collapsing every play

ryan audibles, hits tony gonzalez in double coverage, questionable decision, great throw and catch

dump off to rodgers gets 8 yards easy, need a lot more of those with the bad pass blocking

handoff to rodgers, good run blocking rodgers hits the hole and pushes the pile 1st down

playaction check down to douglas

2nd and 5 ryan gets free pressure up the middle, hits white for 1st down, good adjustment

snelling in runs, not much there gets a couple

playaction, rayan hits white who loses his cb on a comeback, 1st and goal

screen to julio but a defender gets in before he can turn up field, throw may have been delayed by something

designed throw to gonzalez, out of bounds

designed rollout to the right, throws to julio coming across who has seperation but misses the throw, a defender in his face

field goal

analysis: need to score a touchdown, bogging down on 1st and goal is becoming a real problem, need to start getting positive yards on 1st and 2nd down

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patriots 1st drive

1st down playaction screen to ridley, initial dl pressure almost blows it up, when he catches the screen no one is there, trufant looks out of position

ridley run up the middle for a few yards, dont like the size of the hole

3rd and 2 toss to the right for rb bolden, no one shows up to set the edge 1st down

handoff to ridley again the dl is giving up too much run lane

ridley run again right up the middle now the holes in the running game are even bigger 1st down big run

blunt runs, still gets a few despite being slow in the backfield

another run, moore makes the 1st actual hit of the day

3rd and 3 brandon bolden runs again, again dl does not stop them, 1st and goal

bolden runs in for the touchdown, trufant has a chance to get him in the backfield, he's the edge man runs too far inside, comes back outside and then holds onto bolden as he runs into the endzone, for a very ugly look. trufant needs to see that run and knife straight into the backfield instead of running behind the line to chase the run inside which would do nothing anyways

they take the run td back playaction and brady has all day, fits a tight ball in for a td, moore almost gets his hands on it

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analysis of pats 1st drive: terrible, cant let a team run down the field like that , dl got no pressure, d just got worn out, we neglected the dl and ol and brought in corners who run a 4.3 or 4.4, so single them up at the line of scrimmage and send some pressure. you cant get gashed in the run game and get no pressure and expect to win. their ol won the line of scrimmage and we got no interior pressure. Id rather blitz and risk giving up a TD at the chance of making an actual play or turnover. If you give up a TD its better than being ran all over down the field and giving up the TD, cause the D just gets more worn down and even worse

2nd drive falcons

snelling runs, no blocking 2 yards

holmes in for baker

3rd down pass to julio complete

deep ball to julio almost catches it reaching over talib, holmes has done his job on the plays so far

3rd and 4 pressure comes free ryan gets rid of hit hot, hits douglas, breaks a tackle 1sown good play

pocket collapses ryan tries to hit white off his back foot, hits the ground short

snelling run, blocker stuffed in the backfield no gain, 3rd down

ryan checkdown over the middle to snelling breaks a tackle or 2 but too many defenders, 4th and 2 now

falcons go for it, snelling and davis on the field

ryan rolls out left, throws to white, throw is off or they're not on same page

analysis: it's easy to question the wisdom of not kicking the FG in hindsight, but I have no problem with the idea of going for touchdowns and having confidence in the offense to execute, because it should. but I dont like the playcall at all, why are we rolling out to the left and throwing acorss ryans body, to white who isnt even healthy, with no alternative

pats 2nd drive

brady drops back quick pass to thompkins, off coverage gives free catch

blount runs 1st down

playaction, 93goodman gets the first pressure on brady of the game but misses the sack, brady puts it up and thompkins some how gets it with moore off balance, pretty unlucky

blount runs, moore comes up and smokes him

2nd and 8 finally send some pressure but it doesn get there, deep ball, alford has good man coverage overthrown

patriots miss a pass, kick a field goal which actually misses but the refs give them it

analysis: forcing a fg is a win, but we need to start moving brady off the spot. alford shows he can run in man, put the corners on an island and start pressuring. no free easy throws, dont let the qb sit there

falcons 3rd drive

gonzalez makes 2 catches for 1st downs, looking like mid season form, feed him the ball

rodgers run gets whats there

checkdown to rodgers, these are the easiest yards we get, with the crap blocking he needs this option everty pass play

snelling good run, finally we have some blocking with wilfork out

2nd and 1 ol run ol totally blows it snelling hit in the backfield, terrible

3rd and short snelling goes vertical to leap for the 1st down

ryan drops back hits gonzalez the ageless one, breaks tackles gets the touchdown

analysis: good drive, this causes belicheck to tell his staff to make sure gonzalez gets taken out o the game because he's taking it over. the easiest yards this offense gets are the passes to the rbs hitting them in stride in the flats with the defense chasing the wrs and gonzalez so they can get up field and breaks tackles. every pass should have either rodgers or snelling giving ryan an option, which will open things up for everyone else

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I watched the first drive and just After Matt threw 2 in the stands from the 6 yd line and turned it off before they kicked the predictable field goal. I am just disgusted watching that, I mean a beautiful scripted drive right out of the gate and then ....nothing. At the 6 td line and that is the best Koetter can come up with ?? there was 1 receiver in the endzone on 2nd down ( covered) so Matt throws it away, on 3rd down 2 recievers run routes within 2 yds of each other and are covered so another throw goes in the stands. Meanwhile Tony G is held in for blocking ? Its amateur hr, Koetter is in way over his head and obv cannot fix his red zone offense and Smith puts it all on the players as not executing. Its a joke.

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Another Falcons loss on NFL Replay...


I actually thought that was Akeem Dent and Moore on that TD pass to Mulligan. Watching it love I swore they picked it off b/c it seemed like there was no way that pass could have gotten there.

When Nicholas came in due to all the injuries I knew the game was lost.

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pats 3rd drive

brady hits a pass to wr dobson despite tight coverage by trufant, alford gets called for hand to the face

playaction, brady has all day, hits thompkins who beats trufant inside

ridley run, stuffed by babs

playaction to edelman, covered by mcclain, almost slips when breaking on the route, playing too far off

playaction nowhere near enough pressure, hits edelman

the entire dl chases the playaction run, no one is there on the backside to pressure the qb every playaction where they would have a free shot

brady deep pass to thompkins v s mclain, overthrows it

ridley run, no one sets the edge, moore comes up and he gets out of bounds

brady pass to edelman, alford gets picked off and has to run the bubble but shows godo speed to make the tackle, refs give them 1st down

bolden run for a few

playaction no pressure, trufant has good coverage, breaks up the pass twice, good job but you need to intercept that

3rd and goal, brady gets his receiver killed, decoud hurts someone on the football field for once in his life

patriots kick a field goal

analysis: defense forces a fg again another win, but again it's really just a matter of luck. there is no pressure anytime the qb drops back to pass. this is not a winning formula. This team is not making any plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage. The DL is not going to magically get better. The only option is to start sending pressure. Use those high draft picks at CB to challenge receivers at the line and play tight coverage. I can bring in Jason Webster to play 10 yards off, if you're going to neglect DL for CB, they need to shoulder that weight. Keep a safety over top to help McClain andthe LBs, and when teams see you have CBs on an island start zone dropping DL underneath the routes

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pats haave the ball again for some reason

blount rruns, dl doesnt do much but lbs tackle

brady pass, some semblance of pressure forces an early throw, dent gets called for holding, 1st down instead of 4th down. Be nice if they called holding when the patriots do it on key downs

brady looks like hes trying to throw it away, babineaux almost gets a fumble

96 massaquoi makes one of the first tackles in the backfield, looks good on that 1 play

brady drops back no pressure again, hits thompkins a millisecond before moore KOs him, refs throw a flag because Moore doesnt have Bradys balls in his mouth like Chris Collinsworth, refs love giving Pats extra yards

Blount runs for a TD, DL gets completely gashed, Decoud decides to throw himself infront of a blocker instead of attempting to make a tackle

analysis: multiple penalties extend a drive that should have ended with a punt from the opposite end of the field, decoud makes a conscious decision not to tackle blount and a shameful td is served up on a platter

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Well I just lost a section

we pick up 3rd and 8 for patrions 10:29 in the game

brady pass, mcclain lets edelman get wide open for big pass play, burned by pick play

brady deep pass for td to thompkins, trufant is right there in coverage but never turns his head around. great throw and catch but he needs to get his hands on it. I dont like how Trufant is always chasing people he's looking pretty raw right now

analysis: I had written a bunch but lost it anyways Trufant taking his lumps, Alford certainly has looked the most NFL ready right now from what Ive seen, Trufant needs to find a way to get caught up and let his talent take over instead of hesitating and reacting to everything

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ryan deep pass to julio, talib has inside position and intercepts it

analysis: thats not very good

blount runs, 59 bartu comes from the backside and makes a great play in the backfield. thats what we need, downhill football, not get pushed around and ran over football

brady playaction, real pressure finally shows up, and brady actually gets hit for the 1st time in the game, busted zone coverage there is no one anywhere near the receiver, good play turns bad

brady hits thompkins again, for some inconceivable reason alford is playing off giving free completion

deep pass incomplete, trufant is right with the receiver but has a FREE GIMME GAME CHANGING interception, but again, he never gets his head around to look for the ball, too worried about not getting beat and not worried about making a play

patriots kick a field goal

analysis: defense forces a field goal which is normally good except it is now 30-13 which is not good at all. trufant had an easy game changing interception right there for the taking, much easier than his previous chance, all he had to do is look for th ball

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pass to julio, dirty pats player grabs his facemask

pass to julio, gets hit and fumbles out of bounds, dirty belicheck tries to challenge, loses

ryan pass to white, catches the crossing route uses speed to break a big play, need to get him more targets for plays that use his speed and get him in space to run, should be featured as a hot route weapon with rodgers

ryan hits pass and catch to white, PI called on white, Julio on the sidelines

ryan to gonzalez,. great pass and catch

ryan great touch pass to gonzalez in the corner of the endzone double coverage

analysis: great job now that the game is basically over

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30-20 4:22

onside kick works perfectly, patriots chump fumbles it, nicholas secures it

julio makes outstanding sideline catch, **** addict chris collinsworth is trying to pretend julio pushed off, is wrong, replays show he is wrong, still pretends hes right, then pretends his feet were out of bounds and is wrong again

good catch by gonzalez

2nd and 1 ryan has to scrmable throw it away

3rd and 1, ryan has julio for a 1st down, throws it to toilolo in the endzone who blows it, hits him in the hands open in the endzone and he drops it, great


analysis: need to score a td, ryan makes a great pass toilol chokes. jones was open for the 1st down to make it 1st and goal

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onside kick straight to the pats, different design than other one, seems a lot less percentage of working, went straight to them

1st down run by ridley, dl gives up wayyy too much for the situation, makes it 2nd and 2, 2:30 with the clock ticking

2nd down brady qb sneak, dl actually stuffs the line for once

3rd and 1 run to blount, dl actually does a good job but blount finds a way to find some room on 2nd effort, and leaps for what could be called a 1st down depending on how its called where he's down. for once in a lifetime the refs actually give us a favorable spot, calling it short

4th and inches, timeout by smith under 2 minutes actually causes an automatic challenge/review but the play stands

we finally catch a break, brady fumbles the snap, we have the ball, everything we need

analysis: we got lucky for once and couldn't ask for any more than a chance to go tie or win this game

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ryan drops back and uncorks a deep ball who julio who just goes and gets it and smokes the chump trying to cover him, takes it away

monster play but now we're close to the endzone where weve done nothing

1st and 10 ryan tries to hit douglas for a short pass but overthrows

2nd and 10 ryan tries to hit gonzalez over the middle for 9 yards but misses

3rd and 10 short pass to rodgers gets a few yards, helps a bit but not much. a lot more helpful on 1st and 2nd down

4th and 2 ryan goes to hit white on the outbreaking route, has the position, dirty rat cheater talib is beat and holds him for multiple seconds, **** junkie chris collinsworth pretends that white doesn't beat him and get open

analysis: another disgusting loss

offense needs to start accounting for terrible OL play, look to hit vertical with julio nearly every play, and have rodgers, douglas and gonzalez giving ryan hot read options to get it out quick for 4+ yards on every play when the vertical ball isnt there or the pocket collapses and keep the offense on shcedule instead of stalled and 1 dimensional

defense needs to start playing on the other side of the line of scrimmage, alford needs to be promoted over trufant who should be #3 behind him and samuel when he gets back, we need to start sending more than 4 rushers, get interior pressure, and move qbs off their spot. drop back and let the qb do whatever he wants is a losing strategy

another game that despite making plenty of mistakes we had 4 chances on the goalline and let the game come down to the refs ignoring holding the receiver

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