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Smith Was The Perfect Coach For This Franchise In 2008..... Now?


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I saw someone else say this, so can't take credit,

Smith was the perfect coach for this franchise in 2008, after Vick and Petrino, a rookie QB, new players etc, he brought a steady hand, good attention to detail(penalties), and kept the team focused throughout the whole season, he also relied heavy on a veteran OC,

but now in 2013.... There's been no innovativeness, very little development of lower rung players, I don't know if he is the coach to take the next step

Think about this for 1 second, mike smith is a great during the week coach, but how much impact does he have on the actually in-game??? Compared to a Sean Payton, Andy Reid, Bill Bellichick, the Harbaughs, And I think all of us would agree, the impact he does have, time management, 4th down decisions, challenges...... Are suspect

Mike smith was the right coach in 2008, in 2013......I just don't know

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And for a defensive minded and background coach, we have never had much of a defensive identity, we'll I guess maybe a bend but not break D

I can't help but think a Bill Cowher or Lovie Smith could make us a better defensive team, with Julio, roddy, and Matt we will always be capable on Offense

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I feel your anger/disappointment. However, this is not the time to consider other HC's. Smith will be our coach for the rest of the year and perhaps for the duration of his newly signed contract.

The team is struggling and solutions must be found. At 1-3, the chances of making the playoffs is dwindling. So, the coaches need to figure this out quickly. Two more losses will all but lock us out of the playoffs. Yes, collapses happen, but I don't think that the Saints will falter this season. They are playing well and should be able to stay ahead of us for the rest of the season. A wild card spot is still a reality, but not if the coaches stand pat.

Mike Smith has been good for this team. He took over a nasty situation and helped turn the Falcons into a respectable team. The question is whether these recent performances are an adjustment to all the personnel changes, or are these poor performances a lasting trend.

Let's return to your initial question at the end of this season.

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