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Am I The Only One That Was Pissed Off Watching The Saint Beat The Crap Out Of A Team We Lost To?!


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The Dolphins were clearly out-matched last night. The worst part, the Saint did a lot of the things that I wish our team would do. Converting in the redzone. Keeping their foot on the pedal with the lead.

We were leading the Dolphins with a chance to go for the kill and we choked.

I live with a Saints fan. (SMH....a shame to admit, but it's true) And having to watch them play is VERY agitating! Only because it is how we should be playing. TO WIN!! WITH HEART!! WITH FIRE!!

As hard as it is to admit, they are simply a better team than we are when all pieces are together or not.

And it's a shame as I believe we have better overall talent. That my friends is a clear sign that our coaches are not doing a great job this year. Must do better from top to bottom.

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As much as I hate the Saints I enjoyed watching Payton call a great game mixing it up, utilizing their talent properly, take advantage of turnovers completely taking Miami out of the game. Also watching a defense getting pressure and Lofton playing well.

Hey Nolan hows that working out ? Arrive in Atlanta call out Lofton before you unpack he leaves for less money and rightfully so and your answer is Akeem Dent LMFAO.

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Frankly, I expected the Falcons to do that to Miami and in spite of injuries. There are no excuses for the way that game was called and Mike Smith will be answering for that later in the year. I fully expect the team to get hot now, but it will be too little, too late when it comes to the playoff picture. The Falcons have all the "excuses" needed for fans to accept this season, but I don't believe for a second that Mr. Blank will be interested in excuses anymore.

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Even if we had played Miami at home and even if we had Sjax, Roddy in full strength, does anyone really believe we would have won by more than a score?

We peaked last year. This year looks like a write off. We'll struggle to get back to 2012 levels next year because we lose Gonzo while the coaching staff and the "no risk" mentality remains the same.

All the juice has been squeezed from this fruit basket. We need a new and improved squeezer and fruit picker to get more juice.

If you're not moving forward, you are moving backward.

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bite your tongue for even saying those backwards swamp dwellers are a better team.

They are not. They are just playing with more passion, focus and desire


It truly hurts me to say it. BELIEVE ME!!!

But I have to be honest. In every phase of the game they are playing better. And good play in all phases makes a good team. Since we aren't playing well in any phase we are not a good team right now. That can change. And I pray it does (truthfully might just collapse and pass out if we don't). But we have to be realistic about what needs to happen. Not just think that doing the same thing will result in different outcomes.

That is the definition of insanity, to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

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To think we actually out gained Miami in total yards, and still lost. Heck, we actually ran the football with consistency in that game.


Watching the Saints slice through them like a hot knife through butter. Actually score TDs in the red zone.....smh

And some people question if they are better right now?! NOT A QUESTION

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Any real football fan can see how aggressive the Saints play. Its part of why we hate them so much. Every year but last year they do things all other teams dont and it is aggravating.

We have more talent. We could run that assault style offense.

And defense? They field scrubs and still do well. I hate to say it but NO has the ATTITUDE. No matter what they will play hard.

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No, I think it was good that the saints best the **** out off Miami. I hope Smith watched every second of the whooping that the saints gave Miami. I hope he watched as the saints attacked Miami's defense, and tried to dominate Miami's O. Miami is not a good team. They weren't good when we played them. We let an average d shut down our high flying offense, and let an average qb best us. Smith needed to see it, and loosen the reigns.

Ive always remembered what one of our former players said after they left. Go and see what Michael koenan said once he got to Tampa about leaving Atlanta.

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