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Plz Sir, May I Have Some More? Mike Smith, "we Take What They Give Us?"


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Does this genius really believe this is the way to win ball games? If the opponent dictates your actions, you are doomed to fail! Why else would they tell you what and when to do it?

SMH at this excuse (best case), logic (worst case) that Smith would even say this. Either case points to failure.

Using this logic or excuse, especially espousing this in public tells your opponent that you are controllable and can be manipulated.

I'm sure AB wouldn't sell a dollar hammer that cost 59 cents to build for 39 cents just because that is what Billy Bob gave him...

No foxes here, just chickens....where did the Falcons go?

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O line sucks. Can't pass protect. What do we do pass and pass and pass. Need to run the ball. Coach is an idiot. Gonna get Matt killed. They run block better than they pass protect.

That is all true, but it is getting to be frustrating that we see a problem week after wee and don't/can't correct it. It seems as though we are plagued by the same problems year after year. If Mike Smith can't right the ship he will be in hot water come next year.

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