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I Would Rather Go 1-15 Than Switch Over To Be A Taint Fan


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Everyone on this board (other than trolls) knows the pain we are going through trying to figure out just what has happened between last years success and this years debacle.

That being said I respect all opinons of true falcon fans on these boards--both critical of players and kool-aid drinking beievers--you're all falcon fans and part of one team.

I would rather go 1-15 this season and still route for my losing team than route one day for those low down cheating taints.

go falcons we are with you through a miserable start to this season

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I feel deep down this team is going to get it together. NO looks good NOW but it's a long season Falcons nation. We have 12 more games to go and the teams that have won championships recently have gotten hot late. Don't worry, we all know Seattle is that team's Achilles heel. I enjoy rooting against them except when it's in our favor to root for them (not often at all, and i'm not ever enthusiastic about it...it feels unnatural). They have the secondary to beat up NO in the passing game and the d-line to cause problems up front. Let's not forget that playoff game a few years back and "The Run Felt Around the World".

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