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If I Got Hired As O Coordinator If Falcons...


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What would you change so far this season?

1) use screen game alot more consistently. I feel like we stayed away from it for the last two games.

2) pre snap movement. Whoever is the hot guy like tony g yesterday move him across more. Patriots were double teaming him towards the end. I think if we move our guys more its tougher for the defense to double team.

3) start snelling instead of quizz. Snelling did great for us. Sjax prob play next week but I still feel like we should use snelling more.

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keep the receivers moving. there are way too many times I see Ryan try to pass but his read is covered but the other receivers are just standing there instead of scrambling to get open.

second, there are times where you take what the defense gives you but I'm gonna also impose my will. if your NT goes down, I'm gonna attack him. CB gets a stinger, new CB is getting attacked.

plus if I know my O-line is shaky, I'm gonna go deep on early downs, I'm not gonna max protect and if my RB is getting 4 or 5 yards per carry, I'm gonna feed him the rock. I'm not gonna baby my line, I'ma make them man up and punch their guy in the mouth

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1. I would be more situationally aware of the personnel that I have on the field and in what formations. If I know that I'm short yardage or inside the red zone, (if SJax is still not healthy) I'll pound the ball with Snelling. If I know that I need some yardage in the middle of the field, I'll utilize Quizz more with the screen game.

2. Unless the o-line couldn't block at all, and if I didn't have to, I wouldn't call rollout plays with Ryan. It limits his options.

3. WR screens inside the redzone. Nope.

4. I would give HD more throws to handle during games. He needs to get in a rhythm to be effective. It would help improve his hands more, I think.

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If I were the OC , I would hold open tryouts for anyone over 300lbs and surely you could find 5 fat people that want a job.

I just don't get it, we went from MM who ran the **** ball but did it inefficiently, to DK who only runs the ball 18 times a game.

Is there no one left on this god forsaken planet that understands balance with run/pass is important.

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