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Risky Personnel Calls + Bad Luck = 1-3 Start


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I'm just as mad as the next Falcon fan at our start. But this season reminds me of last year's Eagles train wreck, at least on the offensive side. The Eagles last year lost their All Pro Left Tackle, Center and then the Right Tackle, plus one of their guards was hobbled all year. The Eagles had not invested in O-Line depth and instead went for big name, big $ free agents on the Defensive side (Nnamdi, DRC etc.).

We invested all $ in Matty, Gonzo, WillyMo, Baker, SJax etc. TD surely knew he was taking a risk by cutting Clabo and Abe. Our bad luck was that the injury bug hit us exactly where we had the least number of quality backups.

There isn't much scheming, play calling, tricks, emotional speeches and ish that can overcome this situation. Matty isn't Vick, which is why the number of sacks isn't anywhere near what Philly had last year. But anyone who has watched our first four games can't tell me that Ryan isn't seeing Ghosts or is instinctively dumping the ball to safety valves because he is seeing pass rushers from left, right and up the middle all the time.

Let's face it - we're not going to get a Joe Thomas type tackle any time soon. We just need our O-Line to be slightly above average so that Ryan can use all his weapons.

Bottom line - if multiple starting O-linemen get injured again in the next few years, we can expect to see this same situation with our Offense.

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