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Toilolo Vs Coffman


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Im going to be that guy, Why is toilolo getting looks in the redzone over coffman? You can say toilolo is a better blocker but **** they know when we are in the redzone we are just going to pass. That coconut toilolo cost us with his butterfingers.

2nd guy actually!!! was exactly my question in another thread!!! put Coffman back on the field...PERIOD!!!

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Guest Negatorris

I didn't see people getting on SJax's case when he dropped a TD pass that would have won us the first game, and he's a veteran. Levine is a 4th round rookie. As a rookie he will make mistakes and struggle. It's been that way forever. I don't remember Jimmy Graham taking the NFL by storm as a rookie.

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Because the coaching staff are idiots that have no common sense ----that is why

idk why the **** we havent played coffman. he has proven multiple times that he can make big plays especially td catches like the one toilolo dropped. Its ridiculous that he isnt getting any time.

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I think Coffman is Gonzos replacement as a reciever, I know he caught one lastweek and dropped one lastnight I just hate that he had it go straight to his hands and couldnt bring it in. Ok SFFalcon I was number 2 to bring it up. Coffman is the future at TE

I don't no if anyone is Tony Gonzalez's replacement so I'd use that word very loosely.

After watching Tony go to work yesterday I'm like how in gods earth are we replacing this outside of Jimmy Graham with everything crossed in FA next year.

Its a tough one I actually like the use of Toilolo as a red zone threat but back to the Bro's original post he gotta catch the ******** ball.

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