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Blank, Td, And Smitty All Need To Read This.


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In fact, it should be branded onto TD's butt cheeks. Given where his head is, that is where he will see it most often.

The Cold, Hard Football Facts proposed the shiny hood ornament theory years ago as we grappled with the obsession so many football fans and pigskin "pundits" have with flashy wide receivers.

The theory has three basic parts.

ONE – Wide receivers, for all their eye-catching flash and dash, are little more than shiny ornaments on the hood of an NFL offense. Oh, sure, they're nice to have. But they don't necessarily make your offense any better – and they rarely if ever make your team any better.

TWO – You should add a flashy wide receiver only when all the other pieces of a great team are in place: a great driver (the quarterback), some sporty tires that provide plenty of traction (the offensive line and ground game), a powerful motor (the defense) and a great transmission (special teams) that allows you to change gears quickly and effectively.

THREE – Even the greatest receivers of all time can make a big impact only when all those pieces are in place, and even then the impact is largely overstated. Even the great Jerry Rice, for example, touched the ball just four to five times per game. So the impact of even the greatest at the position is minimal compared with the impact of a certain position that touches the ball on every offensive snap. And remember, Rice did not make the 49ers a great team. He was drafted by the 18-1 defending Super Bowl champ 49ers in 1985.

We proposed the shiny hood ornament theory after the preponderance of evidence overwhelmed us and as we watched in frustration each off-season when NFL teams, looking for an instant shot of firepower, stupidly wasted valuable resources chasing big-named wideouts in the draft and in free agency.


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