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Let's Talk About Our Pass Rush.


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Exactly. We don't have one.

We spent our money on offense, so I totally understand the attention on the weaknesses there. But our pass rush is non-existent. It's downright sad. Tom Brady could've knitted a pair of socks between the snap and the pass on several plays.

On that long pass to Thompkins,he turned his back to the "rush" completely and faked not one, but TWO HANDOFFS. Then he calmly turned around and threw the bomb. Nobody near him.

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Where is the guy that made the thread gushing over Osi?

That thread will only be bumped when Osi has a good game....

Remember when every one said Abe didn't show up to the big games.....

Now they can learn how good they had it with Abe, I wish we got him 1 rushing compliment.

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