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This Franchise Is Built To ......


This Franchise is built to?  

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  1. 1. This Franchise is built to......

    • Win this years Super Bowl
    • Win multiple Super Bowls
    • Contend for the Playoffs
    • Status Quo
    • Take your money & run

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Make the playoffs & contend week in & week out! I guess that will keep the fannies in their seats & pay the bills. I believe in Coach Smith, up until last nights game, the play calling on the 4th down or anytime inside the 20 is predictable with the same results, good teams get it done, we're not. The 3rd & longs with 3 rushers, how do you let elite QB's get that much time? If there's a weak "D", which we have, esp. w/2 starting rookies, at least throw 1 person to blitz! TD whom I like, has been doing a little too much "reaching" in his moves the last year, I love Steven Jax, but he's always hurting, the OL doesn't help him either. Mixing Vets with the rookies will keep us on that "playoff" caliper saying but will never reach the ultimate goal. IF no playoff run this year, It'll be time to gut the team top to bottom...& yes, we have an easy streach coming up, playoffs are reachable, like I said, elite teams win & convert, we're struggleing to do that, I can't explain it! Hope for the best!

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With last year being the lone exception, this team is built to get a good enough record to either A: have a crappy first round pick or B: make the playoffs and lose in the first round, sub sequentially making A also happen. Just like all other Atlanta sports teams. Don't know how the Hawks make the playoffs every year, but it never matters. That's why no one goes to their games. They know the outcome. Literally. It's that predictable.

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Fail due to the fact they let go good players walk because of coaching staffs pride. Then have no backup plan to fix the void left from the player they let walk. Also bring in FA that cost so much they cant fix the other problems that still exsist. Man I have a hard time supporting a coaching staff that lets good plays walk and brings in trash...kind of stinks a bit.

Tell me who did they replace Lofton with or Dahl, Walls and Clabo with.

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It's going to be 1-2 years until the front office changes and the rebuild starts. Then however many years for the rebuild to take. It might be 10 years until this franchise sees an NFC championship. I feel so bad for Arthur Blank.

Why he will have a big new place to hang out with all his high dollars friends. Blank better get this coaching staff to fix the problem and fast or he could end up in the big house all alone.

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