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Did anyone notice how when New England ran a play action pass how the entire offense moved in tandem to make it look like a running play. They actually ran the same "stretch right, deep post" two times in the same series. The first time it was covered. The second time it was a huge gainer to Edelman. On this play ALL the OLineman moved to the right in tandem to bring in the safeties and force all pursuit in that direction. Then they hit an opposite field receiver on the post route.

The play action pass is a staple of ALL great NFL offenses. Steelers, Patriots, Colts/Broncos with Manning, even the '98 Falcons. The current Falcons have enough of a running game to make this successful if it is executed properly. This was especially noted in the Miami game. But the trick is to truly make it look like a running play. You can't just "wave" at the running back as he goes out on a route. That ain't gonna fool anyone.

And if the play fake is executed properly, the bonus is that you will buy your QB an extra second or so to get the pass out. This is at least one way we can get the time for our superior receivers to break open on the deeper routes without getting Ryan killed.

It's not just that we (may) need to run the ball more as some commentators say. We've been way off balance through 4 games. It's what goes IN TANDEM with a running game that you get almost for free if you execute it correctly.

Here is what Bill Walsh says about the play action pass. Interestingly, the WCO has thought to be more of the antithesis of the traditional run/play-action offense because they run the ball less and rely on short passes. But it's clear how important Walsh considers it in this article. Does this sound more like what we execute or what we saw the Patriots do repeatedly to us last night?


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Difference is the Pats running threat was genuine.

Yes, but ours WAS against Miami and we still saw very little. You don't have to have a great running game. Just a little bit of one. And it's not as much how much we call play-pass it as it is how poorly we execute the fake when we do call it.

Some of this stems from how much shotgun we run. It's hard to play action from a gun. And we don't really have a fullback and want to get more receivers on the field. But you can still do alternatives like a single back directly behind a QB under center with that "inside" H-Back/Wingback like the Pats did.

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