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It's Time To Accept Some Of The Blame Ourselves

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Guys, you can only point fingers for so long. And good teams stick together. It's time to fess up. What could you have done last night to better guarantee a win? I'll start:

1) I have a new '66 Falcons cap that I love the looks of. But it was 0-5 counting preseason going into last night. I wore it anyway. I'm sorry. It's a losing cap and has now been benched.

2) Right before we left for tailgate I was set with my standard blue jeans and black #2 Ryan jersey. But in an ill-timed audible I thought it would be better to switch to black jeans so as not to be wearing any Patriots blue. I'm sorry.

3) Even worse than above, after switching to the black jeans I switched from the black #2 Ryan to the red #11 Julio because I thought it went better with the jeans. This was a grave mistake in hindsight as Ryan had arguably his worst game in the dome in 4 years. I'm truly sorry and I will correct these mistakes next week.

There. I feel better now. :)

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Game 1- My wife joined me to watch the Falcons play. She has a history of jinxing my teams. I should've kicked her out. I was also not wearing a jersey. LOSS

Game 2- Sitting at home on the couch, wearing my Julio jersey. Wife was out. WIN

Game 3- Stuck at work, couldn't watch the game, couldn't wear a jersey. LOSS

Game 4- Made it home from work in time to catch the 2nd quarter. Didn't put on the jersey. Wife watched half the game with me. LOSS

I'm sorry guys. I will divorce her and put the **** jersey on for good.

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