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We're Saved...easy Teams Are Next Up! Lol @ya!


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Real men don't look for wimps to knock out to make a statement! Real men don't beat their spouse to make a statement, nor do they beat their kids to make a statement...are you this kind of person that takes pride in beating the week, the infirmed, the scrubs of the world?...if yes, read no mo!

To be the best, ya gotta beat the best!

Every team has injuries, every team has back-ups...those that are prepared, motivated, and properly coached usually win.


The Falcon players (all of them) need an unannounced drug test to check for proper levels of testosterone...I believe they are deficient. By doing so unannounced, will prevent them from bringing in a sample from their wife, girl friend, or... "Other!" ...Smitty goes first.

Seriously, I want a win against all opponents, but statements are made by beating talent equal to yours or better...not a lesser foe.

In the mean time, please don't kick your dog!

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I don't know what everybody's getting upset about. The Foulcons (excuse me, the "Falcons") are a really good football team except for a few minor flaws:

1) Absolutely no running game. Two average backs who've been playing behind one of the worst offensive lines in football, and a highly-paid sissy who's probably had his best years and will spend half this season hurt.

2) A ridiculously bad secondary that couldn't make a play on a ball if if was thrown right at them (which it was several times last night)

3) No ability to rush the passer

4) Unknown, undrafted linebackers who are clueless about how to do their jobs.

Now, why be upset? Other than these things, this is a good football team!

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This is stupid. We have to win the next two games for this season to be salvageable. They won't be statements. They are just what we need to right the ship, and get to the bye. 'Statements' will have to be made when we can prove that we're playing for the post season.

...agree, I expect them to win, and by george they should...and if they don't, well, there be next year.
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