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10 Yard From The Super Bowl


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As Atlanta Falcons fans we are Ghost Watchers. The San Francisco 49ers killed the Atlanta Falcons last year at the 10 yard line. Our souls are stuck in the red zone and will forever linger there until we have performed and exorcist and cleans ourselves of poor leadership.

But on a serious the season is not dead! Not dead at all. I believe one game at a time this team can win and make the playoffs. But every team who has pulled off this type of turn around was one; a good team with talent and injured players returning and two; had coaches that were up for the task. It possible, it is very very possible. We have tried winning the Super Bowl from the 1 Seed now let’s try it from the 5 or 6 Seed. There are many team who done with from the 5 and 6 seed but they did it with defensive pressure and great coaching.

One other thing. Listening the Harry Douglas on the radio this morning pretty much let me know after the game yesterday Osi done some talking to the team. Harry Spoke about how certain leader on the team have been in a similar position and overcame it and when on to win the Super Bowl. I hope we can do this I just don’t think we have the right coach.

Lastly. Wow Tony Gonzalez.


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