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How Do You Guys Think Trufant Has Done?


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I thought he's been playing really well. He got beat for a TD on one play, but actually had good coverage. The ball was thrown in a perfect place where the WR had to lay out for it and barely got down in bounds. A CB is not going to run ahead of the WR, so I can't fault him too much on that play. Overall, I have not seen him completely burnt by anybody and his coverage is always pretty tight, even when he does allow a catch. Even the best CB's allow some catches here and there. Considering he is getting absolutely NO help from a passrush, and he's a rookie CB, I think he's been even better than advertised.

McClain has been a liability in pass coverage. Our LBers are abysmal in pass coverage. And don't get me started on our Safeties.

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I think he comes across as pretty ok, but when you consider that there is no pass rush what so ever, and that his veteran mentor isn't on the field, I think he has done a very good job.. He's still a rookie and makes some mistakes, but he'll only get better.. We have a good CB core for the future.

That double-defended pass in the endzone was crazy!

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