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New Poll Has Shocking Results

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People view a relative's death more positively than congress? This is Obama's America. Kinda concerning? Curious what Snake's thoughts on this are.

New Poll Finds Americans View Death Of Close Relative More Favorably Than Congress

NEWS IN BRIEF • Politics • Politicians • ISSUE 49•39 • Sep 27, 2013

WASHINGTON—According to a poll released Friday by the Pew Research Center, the favorability rating of the U.S. Congress has sunk so low that the legislative body is now looked upon more negatively than the death of a close relative. “When asked whether they would prefer to select a casket for their child or endure the forthcoming congressional showdown over the debt ceiling, 89 percent of Americans said they would rather bury their own offspring,” said Pew spokesperson Diana Shostak, adding that the figure went up to 96 percent when it was specified that the political brinksmanship could go on for weeks without a single piece of legislation ever making it to the floor for a ******* up-or-down vote. “Watching one’s grandmother weep uncontrollably at the impending death of her husband of 60 years, having the agonizing conversation about whether to pull the plug on his life support unit, and looking on as he gasps for his final breaths—these situations all enjoyed higher approval ratings than any individual member of the House or Senate.” The poll also found that the prospect of suffering one’s own death by slow asphyxiation was viewed four times more favorably than anything having to do with filibusters.


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Mojo, I am not a poll smoker so I wouldn't put too much thought into that one. As for Congress, there are a few Good men and women trying to contain our out of control spending and Govt intrusion. Our leadership hasn't been nearly as good as when Mr. Newt came a calling and the Senate is filled with Harry Reid types, so not much Good is going to get done there. CHANGE is in the WINDS and my sails are happy, happy, happy.

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