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Knowing Football Is To See The Game, Not The One Play Or Player


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Everybody here thinks they know football, but I rather doubt that. The game is more than Xs and Os. It is more than one person or one play. It is the nuisances of the game one also has to see to evaluate what is going on, and it is the ability to see what others cannot see or just ignore.

I was on this board before, under a different name of course, but on this very board I stated that Deangelo Hall was overrated and, in fact, we should get rid of him. I said this a full season before he was let go. I was attacked viciously for the thread, but in the end I was right. On this very board two or three seasons ago, I wrote that the Falcons consistently come out and play sluggish in the second half, and again I was attacked as not knowing football. It took a few more seasons before people finally concluded what I already had long before. On this very board I wrote a thread about the lack of separation our receivers get and the lack of their big play ability, forcing Ryan to always throw the ball short and to small target area, where other team’s receivers are wide open for big gains, the response was the same.

I got so frustrated at the ignorance on this board, I just took a break. Many of you can pretend to know football, but you do not. Everybody here has attacked different things, individuals, or situations, but no one seems to grasp the workings of a team sport. That one player’s ability to do his job depends on 10 other players. When Ryan makes a bad decision or there is a blown coverage, many of you see the player or the play, but never account for what else was happening to affect the end result of that play. Many just see the bad throw by Ryan, but I see that the receiver had little separation and forced Ryan to throw to a small target area. Brady, however, had wide open receivers.

On defense I see both our safeties, Decoud and Moore, as being a weakness in the secondary, though many here believe the Falcons safeties, or at least Moore, are a strength. Why? Because Moore had one big hit a couple of weeks ago.

There are several problems, but I have been consistent in two things this season and posted about both at least a half dozen times, but nobody listens. One, I have posted that even if Ryan is not sacked he is taking too many hits after release, and these will add up mentally and physically, and it is happening. This is the perceived nervousness people are seeing, and it is what happens to QB who is constantly hit. He is rushing throws because his brain, assuming he has less time, has sped the decision making process. He feels rushed whether he is actually under pressure or not. Now, if one adds that there were at least three drops by three different receivers last nigh, and this is pushing Ryan into a place where no quarterback can perform. It is a place where the quarterback loses confidence in his line and his receivers, and things can just fall apart at this point.

Second, and what I do blame Ryan for, is the lack of leadership and lack of emotion. I started a thread about players responsibilities in creating an attitude, but it was also ignored. Smith is not the only one responsible for the attitude of a team. The leader of the team has a responsibility to voice displeasure. He needs to step and show he is not accepting what is happening on the field. Do any of you think Rodgers or Brady would accept quietly poor play on the field? Emotion is what this team needs, and it starts with the leader pushing teammates and himself. If Ryan quietly accepts poor play then others will feel comfortable to do it as well.

The other thing I see, is the ease of movement down the field out the no huddle, and the stalling of the offense when they huddle. There is something going on there, and it needs to be looked into. Ryan seems to better at reading what is going on than Koetter.

Listen to me or do not listen to me, it does not matter to me. I know football, and a victory is the sum of its players and plays, not the one player or play. A player has an effect far beyond just his individual acheivement. One has to be knowledgeable to understand this, because a player appearing to be a good, does not always mean he is a good player, and a player appearing to be bad does not always mean he is a bad player. If you do not understand that point, you do not know football. Good day.

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**** of a write up. And I appreciate the attention to nuance.

I think Matt has some fire and generally acts appropriately. I think he's very competitive and I dont think there's much to change there.

I completely agree about the no huddle.....and its been that way for two+ years. Our team is more efficient when in the no huddle but it runs counter to Smitty's love of grinding clock and owning ToP. The problem with that thinking is that an efficient offense will ALWAYS own ToP more than a slow, plodding offense that can't sustain drives.

IDK.....last night was very disappointing. However, there were glimmers. The protection was much better against a team very good at getting to the QB. I thought Matt seemed more assertive and attacking in the no huddle. And frankly, I thought his mid-range stuff were consistently his best throws. He doesnt have a big "range" arm, but hes got very good velocity on the midrange throws and his accuracy tends to increase as a result.

We're playing teams to the wire and, for the first time in this era, consistently ending up with the short end of the stick. Given the team's past success in close games, I suppose it was only a matter of time. Hopefully, as the team grows healthier, we can make a WC run. These next 4 games are the season. The rest of the schedule isn't brutal....but we've gotta string a few wins together.

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I think the reason Matt doesn't take charge is because they won't let him. They take the ball out of his hands when they huddle (Metaphorically) so he doesn't feel it's his place to call players out when they screw up. Know what I'm saying?

I DO think there is a little too much "do/say the right thing" in Matt. In that regard, he's too vanilla. We see the competitive flashes on the field, but I don't know that he commands enough to raise the abilities of those around him.

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Due to the fact people here know the players, DVR games and watch for them during a particluar play, there is a tendency to be hyper-aware of the good things they do, accompanied by a lack of awareness in the comparative ability of other players throughout the league. That leads to over-rating our talent.


Yes and no. I do think people get too amped up over the "splash" plays we make on defense. The big hits/plays by Willie Mo are always signs of his dominance.....when he misplays a basic coverage, it gets overlooked.

I watch more than enough football to compare against the rest of the league. And I'm pretty confident in saying on a play to play basis, we DO have a very talented roster. The problem is in fundamentals. Our lapses almost always end up in long TD runs.....rather than maybe a 30 yard gain.

I dont think the talent level is really a problem....I do super boneheaded things on a consistent basis. I think the mistakes you see this team make are often the types of mistakes you see bad teams make. The Baker penalties, as ticky tack as they were, are examples of that. Or DeCoud breaking inside on an outside run to his side. Good teams with similar talent level may not make as many splash plays as us, but they make the "big mistake" less frequently as well.

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